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Japan is a world full of culture and cuisine, where the best food to eat in Tokyo is a combination of both traditional dishes and fine-dining experiences. Alternatively, as you enjoy our food tours in Tokyo, you will find street vendors in high demand. Each one often specialising in just one or two dishes.

After all, eating out has always played an important role in Japanese culture. Along with influences from the Western world, there’s also been a huge increase in modern high-end cuisine. As such, the food of Japan offers something from both ends of the culinary scale.

Japanese Food to Eat in Tokyo

Even if you’re already familiar with Japanese cuisine, food tours in Tokyo take you to the very best places. As such, we’d recommend foodies embrace the local culture, ready to eat their way through a culinary goldmine. After all, the below list only just touches the surface.


Presenting sushi correctly is as much an art form as it is food. However, no foodies visit to Tokyo would be complete without tasting authentic hand-crafted sushi. Japanese rice is cased in seaweed and either served with raw fish or stuffed with seasoned tofu and vegetables.


While often going hand in hand with Sushi, Sashimi by definition is the raw fish/meat that would top the rice. It can often be served on its own and lets the freshness of the produce speak for itself. Finely sliced and best served with soy sauce, pickled ginger and fiery wasabi as optional.

Miso Soup

On its own, miso soup can be served up for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In essence, the steaming hot soup is made of fermented soybeans with a dashi broth. Although it can often include tofu and green onions for added flavour.


If you’re looking for a truly authentic food experience, then this is one for you. Based in a sweet kabayaki sauce, freshwater eels are then cooked over an open grill. Traditionally considered a summer dish, many restaurants will still serve throughout the year.

Wagyu Beef

Many of the farms in Japan are home to Wagyu cattle. As such restaurants in the capital will often order in only the finest cuts of Wagyu beef. The highest quality meat comes from the rib section, which is highly sought after around the world.


Not so much something to eat, as it is an all-round dining experience. Kaiseki is the terminology for high-end haute-cuisine in Japan. You’ll be fed an array of dishes, the equivalent of a tasting menu in a fine-dining restaurant. Think Michelin Stars and award-winning chefs, rather than that of the traditional street vendors.

Food and Drink Experiences in Tokyo

If you’re a foodie visiting Japan, then remember to book your food tours in Tokyo before you travel. Here at we have a selection of food and drink experiences, cookery classes, fine-dining restaurants and much more.

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