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Japan is an unrivalled foodie destination, where Japanese cooking classes in Kyoto delve into its culinary heritage. In particular, with dishes such as Sushi and Ramen being popular throughout the world.

If you are visiting Kyoto, you may wish to rely on fine dining restaurants or traditional street food. However, what about exploring the Japanese food philosophy in a different way? Why not join one of the many Japanese cooking classes in Kyoto, which are fast becoming a hot tourist food experience!

Japanese Cooking Classes in Kyoto

Our authentic cooking classes in Kyoto offer an insight into Japanese history and culture. As well as a chance to learn the art of sushi making and traditional Okonomiyaki cookery skills.

Decorative-Sushi-Roll - 1 Kind (Duration: one-hour)

Kazarimaki is a special style of a sushi roll. In English, it's an artistic sushi roll. The colourful dish is prepared by presenting decorative sushi in various colourful patterns.

The main ingredients used are rice vinegar, sugar, sesame, ginger, vegetables and nori seaweed. Food colourings made from natural non-animal ingredients are used to create vibrant colours. Although Sushi is popular throughout the city, this unusual technique is almost exclusive to Japanese Cooking Classes in Kyoto.

Gyoza (Japanese Dumplings) Making (Duration: one-hour)

Gyoza dumplings are particularly popular when it comes to food tourism in Japan. During this cooking lesson, learn how to make mouth-watering dumplings, as part of a hands-on workshop.

The cooking classes in Kyoto will use only traditional, high-quality Japanese ingredients and seasonings.

Okonomiyaki Cooking Experience in Kimono (Duration: one-hour)

Okonomiyaki is a delicious local Japanese dish that is cooked on an iron griddle. The main ingredients are wheat meat and or seafood, flour, eggs, vegetables. We mix all of these ingredients and shape and cook them on the iron griddle.

You can choose to put on the traditional Japanese clothes included in the costs. You will also receive an original recipe booklet and certificate from Sakura. We also take pictures during the class and will send them to you after the class.

Decorative-Sushi-Roll – 2 kinds (Duration: one-hour)

As the above Kazarimaki sushi roll class – this is all about vibrant art! You will design, make and eat this special-styled sushi. All the colour pigments are edible and natural.

Kazarimaki is quite difficult to make without learning from a professional.  Even the locals enjoy our Japanese cooking classes in Kyoto in order to discover new skills.

Online Sushi Making Workshop with Specialist Instructor (Duration: one-hour)

Even if you're not travelling to Japan, you can join one of our online cooking classes instead.  In particular, with our online Sushi making workshop, you can learn the art from the comfort of your own kitchen.

One in which a professional chef will guide you through the processes in order to follow this fascinating tradition.

Japanese Cooking Classes in Kyoto

Book your cooking classes in Kyoto with tabl. and learn about Japanese food and culture first hand. Alternatively, don't forget we also have a host of online cooking classes available. All of which provide you with new skills and some incredible food to try along the way.

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