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With so many options, the question of “How much of a foodie are you?” can be particularly subjective. You'll soon discover just how much you love food with one of our food tours. However, the real answer can only really be determined by the individual concerned. The reality is that if you consider yourself a bit of a foodie, the chances are you’re probably right!

After all, being a foodie isn’t just about how much you enjoy eating, although that does, of course, play a significant role. It’s about delving deeper into your passion. With everything from cooking classes to food tourism.

How Much of a Foodie Are You?

The term itself is believed to have originated from an expression once coined by the American restaurant critic Gael Green in 1980. With it then appearing once again 4 years later, in the book entitled “The Official Foodie Handbook“ by Ann Barr and Paul Levy.

While still being a relatively modern term of phrase, it has certainly grown in popularity within recent years. Being used by everyone from newspapers and food bloggers, to tour operators and Michelin starred chefs.

So, how much of a foodie are you? Do you like to cook in the comfort of your own home or travel the world discovering new cuisines? As a food lover, you no doubt enjoy trying out a variety of dishes, whether that means eating them, cooking them, or both! All of which may include experimenting with traditional ingredients or visiting popular, classic, fine dining restaurants.

What Does it Mean to be a Foodie?

Being the ultimate foodie doesn’t have to be a competition, but cookery shows with an eye on the prize have opened up the culinary world. With the likes of Master Chef and the Great British Bake Off, it’s clear that food lovers come from a variety of backgrounds.

Whether that be up and coming professional chefs running their own kitchen or home cooks producing restaurant standard plates of food. Even the rise in celebrity culture has showcased some unprecedented talent, away from their regular star-studded showbiz exploits.

As for the everyday foodie, it goes far beyond having 15-minutes of fame. After all, there’s the hours of cooking programmes to watch, food blogs to read and recipes to master. Not to mention restaurants to book, trendy cafés to visit, food and drink tours to experience and cookery classes to join. All of which fully embrace the foodie culture, tasting it from every possible angle.

Then there’s the element of fun, as mealtimes should be more than just simply having something to eat. That’s why so many articles out there come with quizzes and questionnaires. Enticing you to interact and answer a series of questions about your favourite topic.

Some of these may be light-hearted, while others are designed to help with the latest in market research. You can often tell which they are by either the quality of the original source or the style in which questions are written.

However, no matter what the results indicate, ultimately it’s (quite literally!) down to personal taste.

What Type of Foodie are You?

While many of us don’t like the idea of being pigeonholed, it is handy to understand certain terminologies. Especially when it comes to food and drink, along with the ever-complicated diets of those around us. One of the more definitive lists is available thanks to the website Best Food Facts, as outlined here.

From the article, we can see there’s far more to being a foodie than purely defined by meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans. While some people are also restricted by allergies and intolerances, many diets are a result of individual lifestyle choices.

However, it can also be broken down into how and where you eat. After all, if you live in a cosmopolitan city, a whole host of eateries may be on your very doorstep. Giving you an excuse to eat out at the local trendy bar, multi-cultural food hall or by ordering in a takeaway.

Fine Dining or Home Cooking?

Other diners, it’s purely about the finer things in life, although this can sometimes come at a price. Especially if you consider that to be high-end fine dining, whereby you believe a true foodie needs to eat at the most exclusive restaurants.

Alternatively, for many of us, this isn’t always the case. Eating at home with family and friends is just as important and very much a communal affair. If you’re hosting a dinner party or cooking the evening family meal, there are so many techniques to master. As such, cookery classes can help you on that journey. That could be one that involves learning to use a water bath, mastering a particular style creating simple one-pot dishes to be proud of.

Then there’s the global traveller, whereby finding places the locals like to eat is an authentic experience like no other. Joining food tours and experiences with a local guide to discover the very best in food culture from around the world. This is the kind of food tourism that thrives on the unknown, unique experiences and diversities from country to country.

One thing is for certain and that’s whichever type of foodie you may be, the industry is constantly evolving. Making it an exciting time to embrace new ideas, re-invent the classics and when necessary, stick to the tried and tested., Discover Real Food by Real People…

However much of a foodie you are, here at we cater for everyone. With everything from cooking classes and street food tours, to Michelin Starred Restaurants. Serving up delicious meals one minute, ready to take you off on a local food tour the next.

Do you run your own food tours, dining experiences, wine tasting events, cooking classes or private activities? If you wish to advertise online, please contact for more information. Where together, we can share your culinary expertise with 1000’s of likeminded individuals.

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