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As a vibrant coastal city, the top food tours in Reykjavik often have fresh seafood featuring heavily on the menu. However, because of the harsh winters, the local cuisine can range from rather basic, to the very creative. Although, having said that, we also have some hidden gems available within our tours.

The remoteness of the Capital can also make it expensive, which means finding exactly what you want to eat when on a budget quite challenging.

However, by joining our food tours in Reykjavik, you can take away any stress as you know exactly what you’re spending in advance.

Food Tours in Reykjavik with tabl.

If you are a foodie who enjoys unique cuisine, local restaurants and making new friends, join one of our top food tours in Reykjavik!

Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour

Meet your guide at Ingolfstorg Square in the centre, before embarking on a food tour in Reykjavik.

During which, there will be six stops in total. Starting with the first a Gastropub, known as The Pretty Pig. Here you will enjoy smoked puffin with crowberry liqueur sauce and some Icelandic goat cheese. Then it's on to Hressingarskálinn, where you can try some moreish Icelandic sheep soup.

After which, the third stop is at a famous hot dog stand - Bæjarins Besta.

Next, it is the famous Seabaron by the old Reykjavik harbour. Where you will get to try the authentic lobster soup, a small piece of Minke whale steak and fermented shark.

Our fifth stop is the Geysir Bistro, for fish and chips (the Icelandic way). Finally, the sixth stop is back downtown to the quaint Sæta Svínið for a delicious Skyr Dessert.

Private Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour

This is a three-hour tour that includes enjoying traditional Icelandic food and authentic hand-picked restaurants.

You will get to sample the Icelandic delicacy of fermented shark, as well as other local dishes.

We recommend you try to take the tour on a weekend. As you will get to visit the Reykjavik Flea market as an added bonus.

Chocolate Factory Tours

This is one for the chocoholic foodies out there, taking you to the best chocolate factory in Iceland. Here, your personal guide will show you the chocolate-making process, quite literally from bean to bar.

The tours start from under £6 per person and give you the complete insight of everything there is to know. After which, as you will no doubt expect, there is a tasting session included.

Food and Saga Gourmet Tour

Within the comfort of a personal mini-bus, you will be chauffeured from venue to venue.

Accompanied by Chef Tyffi, you'll pick up groceries for the dinner along the way. After which, enjoy a mouth-watering authentic food experience, dining at the chef’s home!

Beer School and Beer Tasting with Food

As well as great food, this is also a favourite among beer lovers. The main attraction is that of the Bryggjan Brugghús Brewery, a world-class beer school. The premises are set in the vibrant old harbour of Reykjavík.

This is a private tour that takes you inside one of the most modern microbreweries in Reykjavik.

The master brewer will explain everything you need to know about their brewing processes. Afterwards, is the best bit – when you get to enjoy a wide range of drinks, followed by a delicious dinner.

For more information on fine-dining in Reykjavik, see our previous magazine article here.

Book a Food Tour in Reykjavik

Look back into the food history of Iceland and join a local guide on a food tour in Reykjavik with

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