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The local food of the Peloponnese region is a great introduction to Greek cuisine. Where food experiences in Peloponnese will take you through a range of produce that's available within the southern peninsula.

It’s often said that traditional Greek food often relies on the simplicity of its ingredients. As such the food of the Peloponnese region is often no different. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to recreate authentic dishes in your own home.

So why not join one of our cookery classes in the Peloponnese region? You will get to work with the freshest ingredients, such as locally grown eggplants, along with an abundance of oranges, herbs and spices.

Food of the Peloponnese Region

As well as often grilling meat and fish over hot coals, food experiences in Peloponnese will often showcase vegan and vegetarian dishes. Although several of our tips for food of the Peloponnese region certainly cater for the carnivorous foodie.

Olive Oil

Having said that, nothing shouts Greece more than a field full of olive plants. While the generic term of “Greek Olives” will largely relate to Kalamata black olives, there’s a much wider range available. In the south of Greece, such as the Peloponnese, the small koroneiki olives are harvested. Producing the famous Cretan olive oil, exported around the world. Why not book a food experience during the olive harvest in November?

Roast Pork

As an alternative to the chargrilled meat, roast pork is a particular favourite among the Greeks. Slowly cooked to ensure the meat stays tender, yet with the skin crisp enough to provide the delightful crackling.

Rooster in Tomato Sauce

Another of the more simplistic dinners, yet incredibly flavoursome when executed to perfection. The rooster is cooked in a tomato base, often served with handmade pasta. This is a Peloponnese dish that is best experienced in a local bar or tavern, as it’s very much a back to basics option.


In its basic form, "kagianas" is scrambled egg mixed with finely chopped or grated tomatoes. However, this can provide the basis for a number of variations, by simply adding cheese, bacon or mushrooms.


This one is believed to have originated from Corinthia and is easily made once you have the general know-how. The key is stone-ground wheat grain and buckwheat. Which is added with onions and carrots added along with the right blend of herbs and spice.

Goat Stew

There are a variety of ways to produce an authentic goat stew. Just as long as you don’t overcook the star of the show. As such, slow-cooked in a pressure cooker or even fried on low heat, goat stew can be a world of discovery.

Food and Drink Experiences in Peloponnese

Search our food experiences in Peloponnese for an authentic experience within the south of Greece. Alternatively, learn the secrets to the local cuisine with a cookery class or a food experience at a fine-dining restaurant.

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