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With a range of traditional British foods to try during your visit, London food tours are the ideal way to find the best places to eat.

From the old British classics to Michelin-starred food, they are all superb in their own special way. London food experiences are all about diversity, with the capital being home to so many cuisines from across the globe.

However, London’s gastronomic scene has really grown over the past 10 years. There’s a growing generation of chefs opening London restaurants that source seasonal ingredients for their dishes from within the UK. As such, proudly showcasing British produce over imported goods.

Two such restaurants who are really trending online lately are both in the modern and trendy borough of Shoreditch. Lyle, combining British ingredients with French and Spanish inspiration, along with Brat, where you will see your dinner cooked on an open grill.

Authentic British Food in London 1

10 British Foods to try when Visiting London

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, London food tours will provide authentic British foods to try all day.

With everything from where to get the best pub food in London to a traditional afternoon tea, you can try it all with

Although, it’s worth noting that while many of the below can be found up and down the country, London certainly has it all.

The Full English Breakfast

Why not start your day off with a hearty English breakfast, that is a filling and rather large meal! Traditionally, a full English includes eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, black pudding, hash browns, fried bread and toast.

However, vegetarian foodies don’t have to miss out. As meat-free sausages and vegan bacon substitutes are becoming increasingly popular.

Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding

Sunday roast is definitely a firm British classic. Traditionally this wonderful meal is normally eaten any time from lunchtime until late afternoon. Giving the family a chance to get together before the week ahead.

You can enjoy a Sunday roast with almost any meat, as well as vegan alternatives such as nut loaf. However, for an authentic food experience in London, make sure your roast is accompanied with Yorkshire pudding!

Yorkshire puddings (made with a batter) are normally associated with beef, however, that’s only if you’re a traditionalist. Alongside your meat, expect a selection of vegetables and in particular roast potatoes. As well as being able to help yourself to a jug of gravy to pour over the top.

Fish and Chips

This is one of those traditional British foods that is known throughout the world. As such should be at the top of any foodie’s list when visiting the UK, with London being no different.

Fish and chips are best experienced at the seaside, with seagulls mulling around and ready to dive! However, it is still easy enough to get fabulous fish and chips at a good price in the city.

Pie and Mash

Another British favourite – the wonderful Pie and Mash with thick delicious gravy! However, this dish has come a long way from steak and kidney or minced pies.

Today there is a huge selection of pie types to enjoy – with all sorts of unusual fillings! Although traditional Pie and Mash shops will still serve with a dollop of mushy peas and the option to add liquor.

Bangers and Mash

Another classic dish that includes mashed potatoes on the side. Banger is an alternative word for sausages, which like the pies have come along way from plain pork or Cumberland.

This wonderful British age-old favourite is guaranteed to keep you full, happy and warm, especially on a wet and cold London day!

Authentic British Food in London 2

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington is a British classic that can be experienced in many fine-dining restaurants. Meanwhile, modern gastro-pubs have perfected the dish, as well as families recreating in their own home.

The main ingredient should always include a high-quality filet steak, often covered with a delicate pate. It is then wrapped in puff pastry and cooked to perfection, before being sliced at the table.

Although a British favourite, some sources indicate its name may not have originated from the Duke of Wellington after all. In fact, beef wellington could be a reference to Wellington, New Zealand instead.


Cockles are a type of clam, normally found in seabeds. However, they are often associated with traditional foods to try in London. As they have been sold in the old-fashioned markets for generations.

While sometimes earmarked for the more daring foodie, the distinct flavour is one you will certainly grow fond of. Search for fresh cockles in the likes of the famous Borough Market, rather than jars sold in supermarkets.

Eton Mess

This is a popular and wonderfully delicious dessert, named after the famous boys’ school of the same name. It is a gorgeous mix of crushed meringue, full cream, and strawberries.

Alternative versions will be made with various fruits or with ice cream instead of full cream. Although, for an authentic experience try to go for those with British strawberries.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Although originating from Scotland, sticky toffee pudding is definitely one to try in London. The British dessert is a moist sponge, drenched in toffee sauce and normally served with cream, custard or ice cream.

British Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is an Old-English way to meet friends and family while enjoying true British delicacies.

It’s thought of as a quintessentially British tradition. Albeit often upgraded with a glass of champagne alongside the traditional pot of tea.

An authentic afternoon tea experience in London will consist of British foods such as cucumber sandwiches, homemade scones topped with jam and clotted cream. As well as various fresh pastries and your choice of tea often served in luxurious surroundings.

Food and Drink Experiences in London

Enjoy unique dining experiences with London food tours as you sample a vast range of classic British dishes with

Book a food and drink tour in London with

Where to Find the Best Pub Food in London

If you are a foodie on a trip to the capital, we recommend our London food tours or checking out the pubs close to your accommodation. Read this article for more information on Where to Find the Best Pub Food in London.

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