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Enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in the southern peninsula with our Peloponnese food experiences. If you’re visiting this particular region of Greece, then sample the local delicacies as well as national dishes.

Where in the morning you can start your day with a plate of “Kagianas” and maybe a bowl of “trachanosoupa” for lunch. Then, in the evening settle down for some slow-cooked roast pork or a Greek pasta, washed down with the local fine-wines.

Peloponnese Food Experiences

Whether it’s helping with the seasonal olive harvest, learning to cook or a relaxing lunch while sailing along the coast, Peloponnese food experiences don’t come much better than this!

Below we take a look at 5 of our tours, cookery classes and food experiences:

  • Boat Ride and Traditional Lunch in Messinia
  • Olive Harvesting and Lunch in Messinia
  • Pasta Making and Olive Oil Tasting in Messinia
  • Olive Oil and Wine Tasting in Laconia
  • Cooking Class and Greek Lunch in Laconia

Boat Ride and Traditional Lunch in Messinia

Messinia is in the south-west of the region, where you’ll be greeted with an incredible landscape. As well, of course, as fantastic food. As such, it’s no wonder several experiences on our list take place in this particular area. This particular experience comes with a chance to make the most of your tranquil surroundings. Allowing you to snorkel, fish, swim or just dip a toe in the beautiful clear waters before settling down for an authentic lunch.

Olive Harvesting and Lunch in Messinia

This is very much a “hands-on” food experience in Peloponnese. Where guests are invited to take part in every step of the olive harvesting process, from beating the trees to picking the fruits. There’s also time to enjoy a selection of other local delicacies. However, please note the best time to visit for harvesting season is during November.

Pasta Making and Olive Oil Tasting in Messinia

It’s not just the Italians that mastered the art of making pasta, as this cookery class in Messinia will demonstrate. Learn to perfect home-made pasta, served locally with dishes such as the classic rooster in a tomato sauce.

Olive Oil and Wine Tasting in Laconia

Next, we turn our attention to the South East of Greece and visit Laconia for olive oil and wine tasting. After all, wine tours in Peloponnese will visit an abundance of wineries and vineyards, with the region being responsible for approximately a 3rd of all Greek wine.

Cooking Class and Greek Lunch in Laconia

Back to the kitchen and time for a cookery class that will take you beyond the oven. As you put on your apron, get ready to prepare a selection of authentic Greek cuisine. The masterclass also includes the chance to choose your own produce, as well as a visit to the local museum and a tour of the village.

Food and Drink Experiences in Peloponnese

Book from a selection of food experiences in Peloponnese with for some wonderful days out in Southern Greece. Along with a choice of wine tours, food and drink tours, cookery classes and much more, we look forward to introducing you to real food, by real people.

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