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Traditional Spanish tapas have been part of the local culture for generations and tapas tours in Spain have become extremely popular. To put it simply - tapas are deliciously tasty, small plates of food served in bars and restaurants. They can be served hot or cold and range from a dish of olives to more complex dishes.

While authentic Spanish tapas dishes can now be found around the world, there's nothing quite like the real thing. One of the best ways to eat tapas is by joining a tapas tour in Spain. After all, what better way to enjoy a variety of creative tapas, than while learning about Spain’s food, history and culture?

10 Spanish  Tapas Dishes

If you are joining a food and drink tour in Spain or booking a table for a dining experience, here are some of our favourite choices. After all, when prepared correctly, the following 10 Spanish tapas dishes won't disappoint.

Pulpo a la Gallega

This popular dish is rather chewy a bit salty, and filling. Basically it is chopped octopus that is boiled in the Galician style and smothered in sea salt, olive oil and sweet pimento. It is usually served on a wooden board with toothpicks.

La tortilla Espanola

Known as the signature dish, served throughout Spain. It is in fact, an omelette, that is made with eggs, potatoes and onions, and can be served hot or cold. Although it may appear to be pretty basic, it still tastes fabulous.


This dish is made up of a slice of Spanish blood sausage, bread with a fried quail egg on top. It can also be served with red spicy pepper. It is mostly found in the city of Burgos as they are famous for their blood sausage (morcilla).


A popular fish tapas that is basically a dry salted cod which is used in a variety of other tapas dishes. It is very flavoursome and can be fried or used in a tasty sauce. It is also used in fried cod balls, baked stuffed peppers, and in potato dishes.

Gambas al Ajillo

This is a gorgeous yummy tapas dish of sweet shrimp that is tossed in garlic and olive oil, and served with a peppercorn sauces. Spanish shrimps are juicy and tender, so don’t forget to mop up the leftover oil up with crusty bread. If you do decide to go on a tapas tour – this sort of tip will be supplied by your expert tapas guide who will also give you tips on other intimate foodie secrets.

Croquetas de Jamon

This dish is ham croquettes, that have been fried in pouches, rather like mozzarella sticks. They are to ‘die for’ with savoury ham, and a crispy exterior that is made up of béchamel sauce.

Pimientos del Padrón

This dish is very popu90lar with the locals and must be eaten whilst in Spain. The dish comprises of small Padron peppers from Galicia that are fried and sprinkled with coarse sea salt. These peppers can be served mild or hot.


Chorizo is a popular type of spicey sausage which the Spanish love to cook in different sources. Many places will offer the dish in wine, hence the name Chorizo al Vino, while other places may serve it in cider. Either way it is a delicious tapas snack.

Queso con Membrillo

Queso actually means cheese in Spanish and is used in many tapas dishes. You simply must try the Queso con Membrillo. It is layers of cheese and fruit jelly that are topped off with a walnut. The cheese used in the dish is Manchego and the mix of sweet and savoury flavours - a mouth-watering dish!


We cannot finish the list of Spanish tapas dishes without mentioning the top popular dish of olives. The olives are mostly filled with anchovies or red peppers. They are tossed in oil and served with feta or rosemary. The options are endless and you will be eating them every time you sit down for tapas

Food and Drink Experiences in Spain

With food and drink tours in Barcelona, Spanish tapas tours in Alicante or gourmet dinners in Seville, we have plenty of options available. Here at tabl. we have a wide range of food and drink experiences in Spain and throughout Europe.

Tapas Bars to Try

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