Wine and history in Requena-Valencia

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Wine and history in Requena-Valencia

Durations: 7 Hour(s)

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Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Wine company visit, Enotourism, History, Culture and Landscape

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  1. Meeting Point
  2. Tour Overview

    We meet at the main entrance of the department store "El Corte Inglés" in front of the City of Arts and Sciences and from here we go to Utiel a city 60kms from Valencia away (45-50 minutes). Here we visit the wine cellar "Hoya de Cadenas" from the wine company Vicente Gandia (.The visit includes:

    -Visit to the factory where the wine production process is explained by official staff of the company.

    -Visit to the cellar to know more about the conservation periode and features of barrels. Afterwards we enjoy a wine tasting. 

    -With the touristic train we pass through the fields and enjoy the landscape and the different varieties of grapes. We arrive to the "Old House" this house belongs to the company owners. The official staff explains the history of the company (beginnings, important facts and current situation). We can go into the rooms and afterwards visit the company museum which hosts a collection of barrels painted and decorated by prominent and famous people.

    The second part our journey is the visit to the Old Town of Requena (10kms from Utiel away). Here the barrio de "la Villa" is waiting for us.It can take 1 hour. We walk through its narrow, old and charming houses It is the end our activity.

    PD: Lunch is not included in the final price, but we can suggest restaurants and places to eat in Requena city center. There are plenty of them for every kind of visitor

  3. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Wine in Utiel

    Our meeting point is the main entrance of the department stores "El Corte Inglés" in front of the City of Arts and Sciences. From here on, we go to Utiel, a city 60 kms west from Valencia. The wine cellar "Hoya de Cadenas" from wine company Vicente Gandia is waiting for us. Here we enjoy everything related to the wine culture: the cellars, the warehouses, and the whole production process of this unique beverage.

    After a delicious wine taste, it is time for history and culture. With the touristic train we go through the fields and arrive to the Old House. This is the house where former owners of the fields used to live. It is a construction from the 19th century. 

    Our last stop is the museum. Here we find find barrels painted and decorated by VIPs and relevant people from different aspects of Spanish social life

    History in Requena

    From Utiel we travel to Requena (10kms away). Here we visit one of the oldest cities in the Valencia Region. The first origins of the city dates from the 7th century before Chr. 

    Maybe the most touristic part of the city is the Old Town (Barrio de la Villa - Old Town quarter). Requena was a frontier city in the 13th century between Castilla and Valencia. The Cathedral, the narrow streets, the charming and old houses and beautiful squares are a perfect place to relax and feel the history of the interior Valencia.

    Silk was the former financial motor of the city and nowadays it is wine. A city and an apellation of origin (Utiel-Requena) which exports every year more than 15 million litres and more than 20 million botttles around the world

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