Kakheti Wine Tour from Tbilisi (Qvevri Museum, Kvareli Tunnel, KTW Patardzeuli)

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Kakheti Wine Tour from Tbilisi (Qvevri Museum, Kvareli Tunnel, KTW Patardzeuli)

Durations: 9 Hour(s)

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Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Private full day wine tour to visit Qvevri wine museum, Kvareli wine tunnel, KTW wine factory in Patardzeuli and try various unique wines in Kakheti region of Georgia.

From £ 120.01 per person

  1. Tour Overview

    Private full day wine tour to Kakheti region includes visiting Georgian unique Qvevri wine museum, 7 km long unique and rare wine tunnel in Kvareli, and KTW wine factory in Patardzeuli. Wine has been cultivated in Georgia for about 8000 years. With over 500 varieties of endemic grapes (5000 in the world) and the world’s first cultivated grapevines. In 2013, UNESCO added the ancient Georgian winemaking method using the Qvevri clay jars to the Intangible Cultural Heritage List. It is also believed that the word “wine” is of originated from Georgian “ghvino”. Private wine tour to Kakheti also includes visiting Gremi and Nekresi monasteries and Ilia Lake in Kvareli. Total drive 295 km (185 miles).

  2. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Qvevri Wine Museum at Twins’ winery

    Qvevri Wine Museum at Twins’ winery consists of 8 meters long clay jars “Qvevri” statue and several halls, where the whole process of producing “Qvevri” wine is described. Museum also offers the 15 years collection of wine from “Twins’ winery“, various photos and information about the species of Georgian grapes, “Qvevri”-s and winepress of cellar. The most important part of museum are 3 “Qvevri”-s with volume of 500 liters, cut in the size of 1/3, covered with glass. So, a visitor has the ability to watch the whole process of making wine: pressing, boiling, natural filtration, extraction of wine and Chacha etc.

    Gremi Monastery

    Gremi was the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti in the 16th and 17th centuries. It was constructed by King Levan of Kakheti (r. 1520–1574) in 1565 and frescoed by 1577. It functioned as a trading town on the Silk Road and royal residence until being destroyed by the armies of Shah Abbas I of Persia in 1615.The town occupied 40 hectares and composed of three parts – the Archangels’ Church, the royal residence and the commercial district. Remains of the secret tunnel leading to the River have also survived. 

    Nekresi monastery

    The Nekresi monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastery in the eastern Georgian region of Kakheti, founded in the 6th century. Perched on one of the easternmost spurs of the Greater Caucasus crest, the monastery is part of the larger historic site of Nekresi, once a flourishing town of the Late Antiquity. In medieval Georgian literary tradition, beginnings of monasticism at Nekresi is associated with the 6th-century monk Abibos, known for Christian proselytizing and combating Zoroastrianism. 

    Ilia lake

    Ilia lake is called in honor of famous Georgian writer, poet and politician – Ilia Chavchavadze. Guests can relax and enjoy great views of the lake and Caucasus mountains. 

    Khareba Wine Tunnel

    Khareba Wine Tunnel is unique and rare wine cellar located in Kvareli. Carved inside the Caucasus mountains and opened in 1962 for the OIV World Congress, the tunnel is 7,7 km long. The best wines of the Kakheti region have been stored and aged here for decades. It has natural temperature of 12-14° Celcius with a humidity rate of 70%; the ideal conditions for wine preservation. Tunnel consists of 2 main and 13 interconnecting 500 meter tunnels.. The visitor can see more than 25 000 bottles of Winery Khareba premium wines.

    KTW Wine Factory in Patardzeuli

    KTW Wine House in Patardzeuli - Founded in 2001, Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking uses ancient Georgian winemaking traditions while combining those methods with modern technologies to produce the finest wines of Georgia. In 19th century Antimoz Chkhaidze created varieties of wines well known by their special taste. Guests can taste 6 wines and 1 brandy free of charge.

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    Air-conditioned vehicle

    Private transportation

    Bottled water

    WiFi on board

    All entrance tickets and wine degustation 

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    • Legal drinking age in Georgia is 18

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