Edible Garden City

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Edible Garden City

Durations: 3 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Singapore has always been known as a “Garden City”. Our streets are lined with trees. There’s greenery everywhere you look.

From £ 97.11 per person

  1. Tour Overview

    Singapore has always been known as a “Garden City”. Our streets are lined with trees. There’s greenery everywhere you look.
    Plants make a concrete city livable and beautiful. But plants can be so much more than just decoration and gardens can be productive too. 

  2. Tour Itinerary

    15mins Introduction

    The talk explains on the vision for the future of farming in Singapore, and the focus on creating social and environmental impact through agriculture. The talk will also dive into solutions for food security, food waste and social issues like ageing population and social inequality.

    Open Urban Farm Tour

    A 45min tour around the farm will feature our unique farming stations:

    • Insect Farming – Come see how we use insects to break down food waste into rich fertilisers for our produce.
    • Container Farming – Take a closer look at our modular closed loop farm, as you take a tour inside the upcycled shipping containers - now productive grow space.
    • Indoor Microgreen Cultivation – Be impressed by the variety of temperate-grown microgreen salads that we grow in temperature controlled, LED-lit rooms, cutting down the need to fly such specialty greens from across the globe.
    • Sensory Garden – An interactive space that is suitable for all ages and abilities. Plants are thoughtfully selected to intrigue all five senses. You may even harvest and taste interesting edible plant varieties like roselle, basils and curry leaves.
    • Permaculture Rock Garden – Learn how plants are selected to form an interdependent ecosystem, and findout how natural farming garden could be employed in settings like balconies, backyards and HDB corridors.

    Harvest & Cocktail Making Session


    • How to create your very own cocktail using native herbs and edible flowers, like the Indian Borage, Mexican Tarragon & Lemon Balm.
    • Understand what varieties of native herbs and edible flowers you can grow at home
    • Understanding classic cocktail drinks (mocktail version available)

  3. What's Included

    • Tour with English speaking guide services
    • Pick-up and Drop-off services
    • 1 glass of Cocktail/Mocktail during workshop
    • Prices are inclusive of all prevailing government taxes and service charges

  4. What's Excluded

    • Personal expenses
    • Guide tipping (Optional)

  5. FAQs

    Please Note:



    • When booking an activity, full registration with proper contact of each participant is required. This is for the purpose of contact tracing. 
    • All participants are requested to have SafeEntry App and TraceTogether App ready prior activity as they will be used during the tour.
    • Each tour is limited not more than 10 persons (or stipulated number allowed by regulations)
    • At registration, attendance and contact detail of each participant will be checked before tour commencement. For participants who have not registered, or with inaccurate/incorrect details will not be allowed to join the tour.
    • There will also be temperature and health declaration requirement. For participants who are unwell or display specific symptoms will not be allowed to participate the activity.
    • A pre-tour briefing will be provided by our guide and to ensure all SMMs are in place.


    • Both our guide and participants are required to wear a mask during the activity.
    • Participants are encouraged to adopt good hygiene practice (e.g. frequent use of hand sanitizer) 
    • Enforcing social distancing (at least 1 metre from each other) throughout the activity and no intermingling between different sub-groups.
    • During the conveyance, participants are required to keep the same seats through the journey, maintain safe distance and to embark/disembark in an orderly manner.
    • Each participant will be issued a portable audio tour guide system or equivalent (receiver and earpiece) prior to activity, to be worn throughout the activity and return at the end of tour. Alcoholic swab will be provided (1) before usage and (2) after usage.
    • Our guide may choose skip location or change route on the itinerary during peak period or with large crowd of people to ensure safety and well-being of participants.
    • Should any participant display any specific symptoms during the tour, the participant will be requested to leave the tour immediately and to seek medical treatment. If the participant is unable to lave to seek treatment, our guide will isolate the individual and assist to arrange for him to obtain medical treatment.


    • All participants are advised to retain the TraceTogether app on their mobile phone devices at least 30 days after tour to support contact tracing purpose.

    SingExpress Travel DMC reserves the right to disallow any participants for further participation or stop the activity should there be a in breach of the above regulations. Please refer to Tour Conditions for further information. 

  6. Requirements

     Dress code: Casual with comfortable footwear 

  7. Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 48 hours or less before event

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