Private Shrine of Fátima and Aljustrel Religious Tour with Typical Lunch

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Private Shrine of Fátima and Aljustrel Religious Tour with Typical Lunch

Durations: 11 Hour(s)

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Group Size: 1+


Languages: Portuguese

Discover the charms of Fatima and let yourself be drawn into the spirituality of this place of worship and history.

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  2. Tour Overview

    Did you know that the Sanctuary of Fatima is one of the most special places of worship in the world?

    In 2019 alone, 6.3 million people passed through Fatima.
    You can see the admiration felt for the Sanctuary.

    It is not by chance that this is known as The Altar of the World.
    Relax, take it easy – as soon as you get there, you'll understand why.

    The Sanctuary of Fatima is in Cova da Iria, a place that, until 1917, was unknown even to the Portuguese themselves.

    That year, one of the most important landmarks in modern religious history took place.
    Three children, Jacinta, Lúcia and Francisco — who would become known as the three little shepherds — witnessed the apparition of Our Lady of the Rosary.

    Later, in 1930, the phenomenon was recognised by the Bishop of Leiria.

    Over the years, the stories of faith and the apparitions of Our Lady to the Little Shepherds have made Fatima a pilgrimage destination for people from all corners of the world.

    From 13 May to 13 October, thousands of pilgrims arrive in this region, guided by faith and the desire to keep their promises, in a spiritual retreat along the Pilgrimage Route of Fatima.

    This is not just another tour; it is a visit filled with tranquillity and knowledge.

    A blessed tour is not done on an empty stomach

    Undoubtedly this is the ideal tour for those who also want to taste the typical dishes of the region.

    So, get ready to enjoy a meal prepared for you in one of Fatima's best-known restaurants.

    Among the traditional dishes are the famous green soups, olive cabbages, cod roasted with chícharos, lamb stew with potatoes and rice morcelas. You’ll be crying out for more.

    Food lovers cannot miss the typical desserts of the region: farófias, cream milk, almond pudding and chocolate mousse.

    This visit will stay in your memory forever and ever.

    And to make the experience even more complete, we've included some of the must-see places in the Prayer Grounds.

    After lunch, we have set up a route from the Way of the Cross to Aljustrel, the village where the three Little Shepherds were born and lived, and which is 2km from Fatima.

    In this short tour, we will walk the path that Jacinta, Lucia and Francisco travelled between their village and Cova da Iria.

    You will be able to see up close the Loca do Anjo — one of the places where the three children would gather to pray — and Valinhos and The Hungarian Calvary, two other symbolic sites related to the history of the apparitions of Fatima.

    Join us on this nearly 12-hour tour of one of the most beloved and invoked spiritual sites on the planet.

    Prepare for a unique experience that you will remember forever!

    Make your reservation now.

  3. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Shrine of Fatima

    Prayer Area - Large Holm-oak

    The Large Holm-oak, identified like this in many early documents related to the apparitions, is a tree with more than a hundred years and was the only one among the existing trees that prevailed. Our Lady didn’t appear over it, but it was quickly linked to the apparitions.

    Prayer Area - Monument of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

    The architectural complex, which holds the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is placed over the primitive structure of the fountain that was built after some perforations made therein, as an outcome of the need to find water, in Cova da Iria, to fulfil the pilgrims’ needs.

    Prayer Area - Nativity Scene

    On the morning of December 25, 1999, a Nativity Scene was inaugurated. It is shaped as a triangle, allusive to the Most Holy Trinity.

    Prayer Area - Berlin Wall

    The Monument of the Berlin Wall was inaugurated on August 13, 1994. It is a piece of the wall which was built in Berlin on the night of the 12th of August 1961, and which divided the city for almost thirty years.

    Prayer Area – The new Altar

    Where now the big celebrations, like the 13 of march, take place.

    John Paul II and Pius XII Squares and the High Cross

    The surrounding area of the Basilica of the Most Holy Trinity comprises two squares.

    The Square of John Paul II includes the area in the eastern side of the basilica. Located northeast of the basilica, one can see, in this square the statue of John Paul II, and northwest, the statue of Paul VI. The pope visited Fatima three times, 1982, one year after the attempt and 1991 ten years after the beatification attempt of Jacinta and Francis.

    Here too, near the statue of the polish pope, the High Cross - 34 meters high and 17 wide, made of Corten steel.

    The Pius XII Square, in the western part of the Basilica, has the statue of Pius XII, southwest side and the statue of bishop Mgr. José Alves Correia da Silva, southeast side.

    Apparitions Chapel, Sanctuary of Fatima

    The chapel of the Apparitions is the "heart" of the Shrine of Fatima. It was in the place of the Chapel that our Lady talked to the little shepherds. Out of the six apparitions of the Virgin Mary, five of them happened in this place – May, June, July, September, and October – where, by the Lady’s indication, a chapel in her honour was to be constructed. Built between April 28 and June 15, 1919, it was later blessed, having Mass been celebrated there for the first time on October 13, 1921. Dynamited in the morning of March 6, 1922, it was restored and reopened on January 13, 1923.

    Though it was subjected to minor changes, the little Chapel of the Apparitions maintains the original traits, which are characteristic of a popular hermitage. The current porch was inaugurated during the first visit of John Paul II to the Shrine of Fatima, on the 12th and 13th of May 1982.

    The plinth where the statue of Our Lady lies marks the site where the small holm oak on which the Lady of the Rosary appeared used to be.

    The crown at the top of the image of Our Lady is made of gold (1.3 kg), 313 pearls, 2900 precious stones, and has also in the central position in the crown of Our Lady of Fatima since 1994 the bullet that was removed from the body of Pope John Paul II. The attack was on May 13 of the year 1981.

    Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima

    The Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima stands at the place where the three shepherds were playing by "building a small wall" on May 13, 1917, when they saw a sudden lightning and got frightened to the point of gathering the flock to return home for fear it would rain.

    The first stone was blessed on May 13, 1928 and consecrated on 7 October 1953.

    The temple consists of a large nave with presbytery, transept and two sacristies. It has 14 side altars in each altar, a mystery of the rosary.

    One of the altars is where the tombs of Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia are. Since their beatification, a lot of people come inside to the basilica to see them.

    Museum of the Shrine of Fatima (Optional)

    The Museum of the Shrine of Fatima was founded in 1955 to preserve the “the remains of a past that starts (started) to be distant" and to gather a collection of historical, artistic and ethnographic items that could protect the memory of the testimonies of international pilgrimages of the Pilgrim Virgin statue and the relics related to the history of the apparitions and their protagonists.

    Basilica of Most Holy Trinity

    The first stone was laid on 6 June 2004 and was consecrated on 12 October 2007.

    The altar is made out of a unique piece of local stone, branco do mar. In the front side of the altar, there is a piece of marble from the tomb of the Apostle Peter (over which the Basilica of the St. Peter was built, in the Vatican). The crucifix, suspended above the altar, is 7.5 meters high and is superposed on the panel’s Lamb. The statue of Our Lady depicts Mary, young, with open arms and showing her Immaculate Heart and the Rosary. It was sculpted of Carrara white marble.

    Way of the Cross and Calvary

    Following the path usually taken by the little shepherds, the Way of the Crosson the Way of the Little Shepherds ends on Hungarian Calvary whose chapel is dedicated to St. Stephen, king of Hungary.

    The fourteen stations of the Via-sacra and the chapel, offered by the Catholics of Hungary. The first stone of the Via Sacra was blessed on June 21, 1959 and the first stone of the chapel on August 11, 1962. The stations and the Chapel of St. Stephen were blessed on May 12, 1964. The 15th station, blessed and inaugurated on 13 October 1992, was offered by the Hungarian parish of Lajosmizse as a token of gratitude for the "resurrection" of Hungary.

    Places of the apparitions - Loca do Cabeço

    The Loca do Cabeço is the place where, according to the Fatima sources, the first and the third apparition of the Angel to the seers took place. In the third, the Angel gave communion to Lucia and Francis, Jacinta was too young to receive communion.

    Places of the apparitions - The Well of Arneiro

    On the backyard of Lucia's house there is a well that became known because of the second apparition of the Angel, in the summer of 1916. It was there that Jacinta had a vision of the holy father crying and praying on his knees in a big house.

    Places of the apparitions - Valinhos

    Between the 8th and 9th station of the Way of the Cross in the Path of the little Shepherds, there is the place where the fourth apparition of Our Lady, on August 19, 1917, occurred.

    The monument that marks the event was constructed with donations from the Hungarian Catholics.

    Lucia's House

    The house where Lucia de Jesus, the youngest of six children, was born and lived is in Aljustrel, about 2 kilometres away from the Shrine of Fatima. The first interrogatories to the seers took place in this house. In the backyard, one can still see the fig trees under the shade of which the three little shepherds played and where they hid when sought by pilgrims or curious.

    In 1981, Sister Lucia donated the house to the Shrine; it only took possession of it in 1986. The area surrounding the house was arranged and was built a new information office, inaugurated on August 13, 1994.

    Aljustrel - Jacinta and Francisco’s House

    It was in this house, located at 2 kilometres away from the Shrine of Fatima, in the village of Aljustrel, that Blessed Francisco and Jacinta were born, the two youngest children of the family Marto.

    This house is 200 meters away from Lucia’s. It was acquired by the Shrine in November 1996, and later rebuilt.

    House Museum of Aljustrel (Optional)

    The House Museum of Aljustrel is located next to Lucia’s birth house, in that small village called Aljustrel, about 2 kilometres away from the Shrine of Fatima. This first permanent Musicological Centre of the Shrine was inaugurated on August 19, 1992 and is in the house once owned by Maria Rosa, baptism godmother of Lucia. It is divided in four sections which allow us to understand the daily life back to the period of the apparitions.

    Parish Church Of Fatima And The Little Shepherds (Optional)

    This is the church where the 3 little pastors were baptized. It still preserves the fountain and baptism and where on the walls you can see some photographs of them and copies of the baptism certificate.

    Fatima Cemetery (Optional)

    Francisco Marto died holy on April 4, 1919, at his parents' house.

    His remains were buried in the parish cemetery of Fatima until March 13, 1952, when they were moved to the Basilica of Cova da Iria, on the nascent side.

    Jacinta Marto died on the night of February 20, 1920 (at the age of 10) and her body was buried in the municipal cemetery of "Vila Nova de Ourém".

    In 1935, at the request of Father Manuel Pedro Marto, Jacinta's body was transferred to the cemetery of Fatima.

    In 1951, the bodies of The Little Shepherds Francisco and Jacinta were made to the Basilica of Our Lady of Fatima, where they remain.

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