Private Douro Valley Wineries Tour with Wine-tastings and Typical Lunch

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Douro Valley Private Wine Tour - Gourmet Lunch & 2 Wineries Tastings

Durations: 11 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: Portuguese

Douro valley is a gem you can miss during your visit to Porto. At Endless Weekend Tours we have the best Douro River Tour and Port Wine tastings tour packages for you.

From £ 65.71 per person

  1. Meeting Point
  2. Tour Overview

    Douro, one of the best wines producing regions in the world

    Very close to Porto is this little wonder of our country — the demarcated region of the Upper Douro. There are about 250,000 hectares between the towns of Barqueiros and Barca d'Alva.

    It is a region famous all over the world for the production of wine, especially port wine, and in 2001, the area became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Did you know that the Douro is the oldest regulated and demarcated wine region in the world?
    It was in 1756 that Marques do Pombal ordered the territorial limits of the "Vineyards of the Upper Douro" to be defined. In this way, the 1st worldwide formal model for management of a wine region was created.

    One of the most characteristic and impressive features of the region is that it seems to have been hand-built by artisans, who imagined and "designed” deep valleys, unique slopes and mountains with stunning landscapes over the river and its vineyards.

    The ideal setting for a different visit, private, but above all designed for you and the people with whom you travel.

    The Douro can be uncovered in many ways, but one thing that you can’t fail to notice is the glamour.

    Whether it's a cruise on the river waters, tasting wines on a fantastic farm, or on the wonderful trails you can walk, the challenge we leave you is to dare to embark on a tour between ancient terraces, where you can be in contact with the people of the Douro.

    Taste the best wines in the world and learn our secrets and tradition.

    This tour offers you the chance to get to know the most important wine villages in the region. They are places that with unique background stories told among vineyards, monasteries, churches, castles, and museums. PinhĂŁo, Peso da RĂ©gua and Provesende are three of the villages you really must get to know.

    Our visit goes through two of the main farms in the region – Quinta do Bomfim and Quinta da Pacheca – where you will taste the best wines in the world while you hear the secrets of centuries of life and information ranging from the process of wine production to the tread of the grape, through to the characteristics of the soil itself.

    In other words, everything that is given to the wine that is made here results in its unique characteristics.

    To appreciate all the beauty of the Douro River, you are invited for a boat ride in the village of PinhĂŁo. This will give you a chance to get to know a beautiful section of the river, which has no access from the roads, and to have a unique experience full of tradition.

    You can also dive into the refreshing waters of some of the best river beaches in the country.

    And what about eating in the Douro?

    One of the best parts of the day is undoubtedly lunchtime.

    It is at the table that you will understand why this region is one of the best kept gastronomic secrets in Portugal.

    Everything, from the famous Tripas to Bacalhau à Brás, without forgetting, of course, the Cabrito Assado, competes to make your day memorable.

    Then finish up a typical lunch in style with a Bola de Lamego or with cake soaked in port wine. One thing is certain: the Douro is not recommended for those who do not like to eat well.

    Embark on a visit to one of the most important wine areas in the world:

    Accept our invitation to come and discover one of the most important regions in Portugal.

    You will have an intimate tour of the Douro Valley lasting almost 11 hours.

    It is an authentic enchanted valley with incomparable beauty and that makes anyone who is lucky enough to pass through blessed.

    Book this fantastic trip that includes beautiful scenery, typical meals, and the secrets of history with an option to include boat trips by the river. Always accompanied with the best wines in the world.

    Contact us for all the details.

  3. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Provesende Village

    We will walk through walking through the typical and quiet streets of Provesende, which offers a journey through time and communion between the past and the present.

    Here we find the old Pillory old of the sixteenth century, the 18th century baroque Parish Church and the Fountain and the several manor houses that attest the economic power of this wine-growing village.

    Casal de Loivos Viewpoint

    This stop is in one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Alto Douro Vinhateiro, elected world heritage by UNESCO, in 2001. From this viewpoint you will enjoy a landscape full of vineyards. In addition to the vineyards stand out from other elements such as mountains, fields, and villages. The fauna and flora are other elements as well, which can be observed from the viewpoint or the location of the observation itself.

    Olive Oil Mill - Olive Oil Museum (Optional)

    Guided museum tour + olive oil and wine tasting

    Transformed into a museum, it makes known the traditional method of olive oil production, another of the products that gives name to the Douro. Here you can make your tasting, as well as wine tastings, with a breathtaking view over the Douro.

    PinhĂŁo Village

    This beautiful village is considered the heart of the Alto Douro Vinhateiro, where the many farms that produce Port wine are located, inserted in one of the areas classified by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity.

    PinhĂŁo owes its toponym to the river of the same name, a tributary of the Douro River, whose beautiful mouth is in this locality.

    PinhĂŁo Railway Station

    Early 20th century railway station decorated with tile panels of great beauty of the Fábrica Aleluia, 1936, which depict daily scenes of Pinhão, as well as the production of Port Wine, from the harvest, through the stepping of the grapes to the transport in the Rabelo boats to the warehouses of Porto.

    Magnificent Boat Trip in the Douro - 10 eur / Person (Optional)

    Magnificent boat ride on the Douro River for 1 hour to enjoy the most beautiful landscapes of the mountains that surround this River.

    Quinta do Bomfim Wine Experience

    Guided Winery Tour + Wine Tasting

    Get to know the Winery of Quinta do Bomfim! On this guided tour by expert hosts you will be able to enjoy the heritage of this famous property as you visit the winery, beautiful old basement and vineyard and learn about the current processes of vineyard and winemaking operations. At the end of their guided exploration of the property, each guest receives a complimentary wine tasting with 3 Port wine tastings (Ruby, Tawny and Late Bottle Vintage).

    National Road 222 Peso do RĂ©gua to PinhĂŁo

    The section of the National Road 222, which joins Peso da RĂ©gua to PinhĂŁo is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and the best road to drive in the world by the Avis Driving Index, then the Big Sur (California, USA) and the Bad Urach (Hohenzollern, Germany); the A535 in central England was placed third on the podium.

    In this you will cross the Douro valley always in the company of the Douro River and enjoy breath-taking landscapes.

    Quinta da Pacheca Wine Experience

    Guided Winery Tour + Wine Tasting

    Get to know Quinta da Pacheca Winery! Expert hosts will lead you through a 45-minute immersion into their rich history along with current vineyard and winemaking operations. At the conclusion of your guided property exploration, each tour guest receives a complimentary wine tasting with 4 wines (2 table wines + 2 port wines).

    Peso da RĂ©gua Metal Bridge

    The metal bridge was built in 1872 by King D. LuĂ­s I for road crossing of the Douro River and deactivated since 1949 due to the state of degradation of the wooden board.

    The initial project belongs to engineer W. Liebe, this was later changed by engineer Johann Gaspar Harkort and the construction work was under the guidance of German engineer Wilherm Dulhener of the Eifel team.

    Peso da RĂ©gua City

    Peso da RĂ©gua had its great development after 1756 with the creation of the Real Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro (Royal Company of Vine-Growers from the Alto Douro Region), which set up the world's first ever demarcated region for wine production.

    Situated on the banks of the River Douro, Peso da RĂ©gua played a fundamental role in the production and sale of Port wine, for it was from here that the barrels were transported in the special boats known as Barcos Rabelos to Vila Nova de Gaia, where the wine was left to age in the local wine lodges.

    SĂŁo Pedro Viewpoint (Optional)

    Viewpoint of S. Pedro is in an elevated location (at 442 meters of altitude). At the top of the summit the visitor can contemplate a beautiful chapel, Peso da RĂ©gua and several parishes of the municipality of Santa Marta.

    SĂŁo Leonardo da Galafura Viewpoint (Optional)

    The viewpoint of S. Leonardo is one of the most beautiful in the entire Douro region and even served as inspiration for what is considered one of the greatest Portuguese writers of the twentieth century, Miguel Torga.

    From this site you can glimpse the Douro valley. The river, deep down, slowly running to the mouth, the rough slopes, and the sharp peaks, and the verdant of the nearest vineyards, which try to disguise the prevailing Gray.

    Quinta do Seixo Wine Experience (Optional)

    Guided tour of the winery + wine tasting

    Uncover the history and secrets of Sandeman Porto Wine, with a guided tour by specialized hosts through the innovative winery of Quinta do Seixo, followed by a tasting of three wines of superior category and representing the three styles of Port Wine – White, Ruby and Tawny.

    Museu do Douro – Régua - (Optional) 7,5eur/Person

    Visit to the Museum with 1 Port Wine Tasting

  4. What's Included

    • Opcion 1 - Typical Lunch (Starter - Main course – Drink – Dessert – Coffee) with Red or White Wine of the region and a Port Wine at the end - €27.00
    • Option 2 - Guided visit to Quinta do Bomfim with 3 Table Port Wine tastings - €26.00
    • Option 2 - Guided visit to Quinta da Pacheca with 4 Wine tastings (White, Red and RosĂ©) and 1 Port Wine (LBV) - €16.00
    • Certified Tourist Driver.
    • Other Extras can be added on request – See section Exclusions.
    • Transport in luxury vehicles, with maximum comfort and extra equipment tailored to your individual needs.
    • Our executive vehicles offer Wi-Fi, bottled water, refreshments, and a relaxing atmosphere.
    • Personal accident and liability insurance.

  5. What's Excluded

    • Extra – One Hour Rabelo Boat regular tour in PinhĂŁo – with audio guide on the mobile phone - €14.00
    • Extra - Premium visit to Quinta do Seixo, its Winery, Wine Cellar and Robotic Lagares with tastings of three wines of superior category and representing the three styles of Port Wine: White, Ruby and Tawny - €25.00
    • Extra - Premium Visit to Quinta do Vallado, Winery and Cellar with Vallado Wine tasting: Vallado Reserva Branco, Vallado Douro Superior, Vallado Touriga Nacional, Vallado Reserva Field Blend, Vallado Porto Tawny 10 years - €34.00
    • Extra – Premium visit to Quinta Nova – Douro - Guided visit by a home expert to the old wine cellar and the vineyards. 3 Wines Tasting (Pomares White, Quinta Nova Colheita Red and Quinta Nova Terroir Blend Red) - 27.00
    • Extra - Visit to the Olive Oil Mill, D’Origem, where knowledgeable hosts will explain the entire olive oil production process, and ending the visit with a tasting of 3 Douro Wines and olive oil - €14.00
    • Gratuities are not included and are left to individual discretion.
    • No Transportation of suitcases or excess baggage, unless specified.

  6. FAQs

    Please Note:

    • Fully accessible to people using collapsible wheelchairs.
    • Collapsible wheelchairs can be accommodated in the vehicle trunk and drivers are available if needed to assist you with boarding and exiting the vehicle.
    • If you have special needs, please let us know when making your booking.
    • Accessible to people with limited eyesight; guide dogs are always welcome.
    • Accessible to people with strollers.
    • Children’s car seats available.
    • Let us know if you need a safety car seat for children under 8 years or 144 cm in height.
    • It is mandatory to present a valid photo ID for drinking alcohol in wineries. Be aware that the legal drinking age in Portugal is 18 years.
    • Exact destinations and itineraries may be changed due to weather, road conditions and the guide’s discretion.
    • Included wineries are subject to change based on their availability, private events, and holidays.
    • Please do not smoke or eat or drink anything other than water inside the vehicles. Damage or soiling of upholstery (which includes stains) will incur an extra charge for repair or cleaning.
    • Operated by Endless Weekend Tours ®.

  7. Requirements

    • Be sure to bring comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen (if it's sunny), a raincoat, and an umbrella (if it's raining).
    • Swimwear and Towels if you want to dive into some river beach.
    • Camera.

  8. Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24 hours or less before event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 5% if booking is cancelled 999 days or less before event

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