Food and Drink Experiences in Phuket

Thai cuisine is popular the world over, so what better place to sample the likes of authentic Pad Thai or Massaman Curry than the city of Phuket. Visit the infamous Thalang Road for some traditional street food from local vendors or simply lay on Kato Noi beach as you relax with a tropical cocktail.


Afternoon Phuket Market food on Sunday

An authentic food experience Thailand as you sample the best in authentic and local food during an afternoon Phuket food market tour.


Phuket Old Town Food Tour

Mop up Burmese curries with wood-fired nans at a tucked away Burmese tea shop. Use a pair of chopsticks over the best bowl of Hoikken noodles in Phuket Town and indulge in grill...

Khai Nok & Khai Nui Island Excursion with Lunch

Visit two paradise islands just off the coast of Phuket for some fun under the sun. Head to Khai Nok and Khai Nui islands and relax on their sandy beaches or go snorkeling in th...