Vuelve a la vida (back to life)

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Vuelve a la vida (back to life)

Durations: 50m

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Make an incredible seafood cocktail in this class!

From £ 30.00 per person

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    Location: ONLINE anywhere (through Zoom)

    It’s a very common cocktail of central coast where I come from. It’s an escabeche kind of dish and you can use any seafood you want to make it (it’s what I love from recipe). It’s very fresh and it’s goes perfect whit a blond beer in a summer beach day.


    Shrimps 100gr

    Oysters 5pc

    Squid 150gr

    Mussels 250 gr 

    Coriander 15gr

    Red onion 40gr

    Lemon juice 20gr

    Orange juice 50gr

    White wine vinegar 30gr

    Dry oregano 3gr

    Bay leaf 2gr

    Ketchup 8gr

    Worcestershire sauce 9gr


    Black pepper 4gr

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