Paccheri Gorgonzola & Spinach

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Paccheri Gorgonzola & Spinach

Durations: 2 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Filled Fried Paccheri with ricotta, gorgonzola and red chilli pepper. Served with a light Spinach sauce and basil or extra vergine olive oil.

From £ 25.00 per person

  1. Tour Overview

    This gorgeous recipe is a sort of extension and sophistication of my spinach cappuccino. I used the same main ingredients for making something completely different yet equally delicious. I really love playing with cooking since for ever and I have fun making beautiful and glorious dishes using a few high quality products.

    Cooking is a social fact and has to be democratic. I like creating recipes that everybody would be able to re-produce after following me.Join my vibrant and interactive private cooking class and make an epic vegetarian pasta dish like a Gourmet Chef! I am kind of master in teaching few very simple and effective rules for maximizing your success in the kitchen.

    In this lesson we'll be preparing delicious integral fried paccheri pasta (yes, fried!) filled with an incredibly delicious ricotta & gorgonzola cream cheese, lying on a picturesque spinach field. This epic pasta dish will look like an elegant and colorful garden and it will taste like magic!

    Join me on this vegetarian cooking lesson: I am going to teach you how to make something really special with the minimum effort & maximum result! Feel free to have your favourite bsckground music while cooking and of course a nice glass of wine at hand, or anything else you like. Just one more thing: the mood of my lessons is casual friendly. I love teaching you the best in the most plesant way: don’t forget we're here also to have fun ;)

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