Dnieper Gastro Voyage

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Dnieper Gastro Voyage

Durations: 12 Hour(s)

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Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Taste delicious local cuisine!


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  1. Tour Overview

    "Dnieper Gastro Voyage " tour starts in Kiev - this expedition will give you a chance to see the amazing nature of untouched places, the enchanting landscapes of the Dnieper region on a trip along its banks! Energy-rich places, eco-farms and eco-trails - all this is located in just a couple of hours drive from Kiev! 

    The program includes two degustations - first, a visit to an eco-friendly snail farm and an escargot tasting with wine. In the afternoon, a trip to a dairy farm in the Cherkasy region, to get to know the fine details of cow farms and taste the fresh milk, and after the excursion is done, we will have even more fun - there is a real corn maze in the middle of the field! 

  2. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : 09:00 - departure from Kiev

    09:00 - departure from Kiev. 

    Transit to the Eco-farm where snails are grown.

    You will learn how snails live and reproduce, why do they need their shell, whether they have teeth, why they are considered an aphrodisiac and how to cook them properly! 

    After the tour, you will taste escargot with wine (three types of snails + a glass of wine) and mulard duck liver pâté on toast. Here, after the excursion, everyone can buy escargot, duck meat, mulard duck liver pâté and other tasty treats.

    Check-in at the Nescherovsky Savior-Transfiguration Monastery

    It was opened in 2004 as a monk house for the St. John's Monastery. The cathedral church of the monastery is an ancient church, that was built at the end of the 18th century by the Cossack colonel Gudym-Levkovich to honor the Transfiguration of the Lord. 

    Transit to the Tripolye

    You probably remember this village from school history lessons. It was here in 1897 that archaeologist Vikenty Khvoika found the remains of the Eneolithic culture of the Trypillians. The average age of the finds is ranging from 2500 to 8000 years!!!

    Trypillians are known for being the first to use wheels in their everyday life, taming horses and smelting copper. We are gathering all our strength and preparing to climb Devich Mountain! This mountain near Trypillia is the highest point in the Obukhiv region. At its top, at an altitude of 55 m above the Dnieper and 186 m above sea level, a Slavic sanctuary was once built. From the top of the mountain, a breathtaking view of the Dnieper and panoramas of Tripillya, Ukrainka, Khalep'ya and Vitachov opens! But why the mountain has such a name and why it is considered to be a "place of power", what legends this area is shrouded in, only our expert guides can tell.

    Arrival to the Vitachov village

    You will not see such incredible views anywhere else on the vast expanses of the Dnieper. Just imagine, the village was founded in 957! During the times of Kievan Rus, Vitachov was a port city and merchant ships often came here. Over time, parts of the village collapsed into the Dnieper, and its remains were trampled to make place for new buildings. At present, only an old chapel, a mill and ramparts remind of the past times on the territory. In the 90s of the twentieth century, Ukrainian writer Oles Berdnik founded the Ukrainian Spiritual Republic here - three stones with the name of the republic stand here as a reminder. 

    Of course, such a picturesque place has not failed to attract the attention of filmmakers. Films such as "Babylon XX", "Bogdan-Zinovy ​​Khmelnitsky", "The Right to Love", "Povodyr" were filmed here. We take pictures, recharge our auras with special energy of this place and arrange a mini-picnic (you should take food and drinks with you).

    Transfer to the Peschanoe village

    Transfer to the Peschanoe village, where the “Mayak” agricultural complex is located. The farm complex "Mayak" is the embodiment of the latest technologies in modern agriculture. The pinnacle of technological advancement is a modernized and fully automatic milking process, rational feeding process and comfortable conditions for cows and calves. A visit to the complex: a tour of the farm, milk tasting and glazed curds. The excursion starts from the department where the cows are housed. Then they show the location of the newborn calves, which are raised for 45 days in specially designated individual rooms. An integral part of the farm tour is degustation of dairy products, during which you can watch the milking of cows. At the “Mayak” agricultural complex, the world's most advanced milking technology is an American-made Bow-Matic milking parlor of the 2x16 "parallel" type. Free riding on an ATV (buggy) and barrel-train (wagons). During free time, a walk through the corn or straw labyrinth (depending on the season) 

    Optional dinner at the restaurant "Old Mayak" (additional fee).

    Return to Kiev at approximately 21:00

    Return to Kiev at approximately 21:00 

  3. What's Included

    The price includes:  travel by bus along the entire route, all excursions according to the program with entrance tickets, snail tasting, milk and cheese tasting

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    Please let us know if you have any food allergies

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