Small Group Tour: Kowloon Street Food & Culture Tour

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Small Group Tour: Kowloon Street Food & Culture Tour

Durations: 4 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

A 4-hour exploration of Kowloon after dark. See the city at its grittiest and most captivating. Enjoy a Michelin rated street food tour, explore the frantic streets of Mong Kok, and admire Victoria Harbour from the glamorous district of Tsim Sha Tsui.

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  1. Tour Overview

    When the sun sets and the humidity starts to ebb, Hong Kong really comes alive! Join us on a night tour of Kowloon, affectionately known as the ‘Dark Side’ of Hong Kong, and see the city at its grittiest and most captivating. Over the course of the night tour, we will undertake an in-depth exploration of Kowloon, discovering Michelin rated street food, immersing ourselves in the local culture and learning about Kowloon’s history. We’ll cover everything from the past to the present, explaining Kowloon’s transformation through to the modern day.

    Small group night tours run on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays and start at 4 pm at Sham Shui Po MTR (subway) station.

    The night tour starts with a food tour of Sham Shui Po’s best street food. We start with a serving of pork and leek dumplings, thought to bring prosperity to the eater. Freshly made on site every day you will not find a better Potsticker!

    Next its a portion of silky smooth tofu pudding topped with a spoon full of cane sugar. This tofu is so good that even people that ‘do not like tofu’ love it! In business since 1893 these guys are genuine masters of their craft. 

    Next around the corner is a local bakery that found its way into the Michelin Guide. Take you pick from bowl puddings, steamed sugar cakes, fried sesame seed balls and more. Heck, why not try them all! 

    Ending our foodie exploration is a portion of cheong fun, or rice noodle roll. Doused in sweet sauce, sesame sauce and soy sauce this local comfort food will delight. Recommended by the Michelin Guide this is another local eat that you’ll be writing home about.

    As we make our way around Sham Shui Po we’ll give you an insight into the real Hong Kong and what life is like for the vast majority of the population, living outside of the glitzy districts of Central and Tsim Sha Tsui. We’ll talk about Hong Kong’s housing crisis and the costs / standard of living. 

    Our night tour adventure continues in Mong Kok, a district famous for its shopping, markets and glimmering neon lights. It is also a centre of Triad (criminal gang) activity in Hong Kong. It is here that we will learn more about organized crime in Hong Kong. We will then explore the bustling streets of Mong Kok, taking in the famous Goldfish Market, electronics streets and Ladies Market. We will explain what is going on inside the masses of high rise buildings surrounding the markets. Prostitution, illegal gambling and subdivided living is all rife in the Mong Kok district.

    From the gritty and frantic streets of Mong Kok, we make our way to the more glamorous district of Tsim Sha Tsui on the peninsula of Kowloon. Here we visit Chungking Mansions, a dilapidated 17 story building built in the 1960’s full of cheap guesthouses and cut-rate businesses in the middle of some of the most expensive real estate in Hong Kong. A social scientist wrote a book about the building after conducting a 3-year study on it and the thousands of people that pass through it every day. We will talk about the building and its fascinating story.

    From the cheapest place to sleep in Hong Kong, we cross the road and visit one of the most expensive places to sleep; The Peninsula hotel. This beautiful art deco building holds its own dark story which will discuss. Continuing we come to Hullett House, another historic building, constructed in 1884 and previously occupied by the Marine Police.

    Our tour ends at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront where we relax with a cold beer and discuss the history and development of the Hong Kong skyline from the early 1800s to the present day. Four-hour tours starting at 4 pm will finish just in time for the 8 pm light show!

  2. What's Included

    Snacks and drinks

    Professional guide

    Public transportation used during your walking tour

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  4. FAQs

    Please Note:

    Not wheelchair accessible

    Comfortable walking shoes are recommended

    5 miles (8km) of walking required

    Not suited for people with mobility restrictions

    Not suitable for children: minimum age is 12 years.

  5. Requirements

    Please drink plenty of water before your tour. It is very easy to become dehydrated in Hong Kong and we need you with good energy levels as there is a lot of walking. Please bring a bottle of water with you and an umbrella which is good for keeping both the sun and rain off. Don’t forget your camera, there will be lots to take pictures of.  

  6. Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 48 hours or less before event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before event

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