Small Group Hong Kong Island Food Tour

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Small Group Tour: Hong Kong Island Food Tour

Durations: 4 Hour(s)

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Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Eat like a local on a Hong Kong food tour. Discover the best of Hong Kong's Cantonese cuisine and British cross-over foods. Award winning and Michelin rated food tastings.

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  2. Tour Overview

    When Hello Hong Kong first set up back in 2014 we ONLY offered food tours. This is the original Hong Kong food tour, with a few updates to keep it new and exciting. Food has remained our passion at Hello Hong Kong and our food tour continues to be the most highly ranked on Tripadvisor and Viator. 

    This food tour is a perfect introduction to Hong Kong’s food. It is ideal for people who want to enjoy delicious, high-quality local food in local eateries surrounded by local people. There is nothing weird and wonderful on this tour (apart from the chicken's feet)! If you are a more adventurous eater please ask us for a Kowloon food tour focused on street food.

    Over the course of the food tour, we will undertake an exploration of Hong Kong’s food culture. Hong Kong food is primarily Cantonese cuisine but with some small key differences which reflect the city’s mixed British and Chinese heritage. On this tour, we learn about the history of food in Hong Kong, from the traditional fare from Guangzhou to the interesting western crossover cuisine that started popping up in the 1950s as local chefs tried to produce cheap versions of British and Western favourites.

    We start the day with a traditional Dim Sum breakfast in an old tea house. We find ourselves transported back to a bygone era as we sample the most authentic Dim Sum available in HK. This is the granddaddy of Dim Sum restaurants, it's crowded, it's noisy, it has a 90-year history in Hong Kong and the Dim Sum is still served via trolley service.

    Our next stop is a family run Wonton Noodle shop that dates back to the 1960s and is recommended by the Michelin Guide. Wonton Noodles are a local food speciality, a simple dish but one that only a true master can perfect.

    After our second food sampling, we take a tea break and try a cup of Milk Tea, perhaps the most pervasive legacy of British rule. It’s not everyone’s ‘cup of tea’ but it is a fascinating beverage that Hong Kongers love!

    After our tea break, we travel by Ding Ding (tram) to another family-run restaurant, which dates back to the Qing Dynasty (pre-1900’s) and is renowned for its Siu Mei, or in English, Roast Meat. Here we sample the best Char Siu (BBQ Pork) in Hong Kong, cooked in the traditional style, served with rice and homemade sauces. This is another Michelin recommendation and a favourite of the renowned chef and food critic Anthony Bourdain.

    We finish the Hong Kong Food Tour with a Hello Hong Kong favourite, an Egg Tart, or in Cantonese, Dan Tat. This is another Chinese take on an English speciality - the custard tart. Like our other restaurants, the bakery we visit has a long history in Hong Kong and is a personal favourite of former HK Governor Chris Patten.

  3. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Dim Sum / Yum Cha Experience

    The first stop of the food tour will take you to an authentic decades-old dim sum teahouse, a recipient of Michelin Guide for many years until 2020. Don't let its modest interior fool you, the place is always packed with locals. Find yourself transported back to a bygone era as you sample authentic and tasty dumplings that are served out of the traditional dim sum trolley. You will not leave unsatisfied. 

    Dried Seafood Street

    Dried seafood is a common ingredient in Chinese cooking and traditional tonics, and in Hong Kong, this trade is clustered around a section of Des Voeux Road West in Sheung Wan, commonly known as Dried Seafood Street. Come explore and learn about the medicinal properties of the dried seafood used in soups and visit a Chinese medicine shop originating from 1940s. 

    Tea & Candy Shop

    Tucked away in a narrow road in Sheung Wan area, our specialist tea purveyor sells tea, assorted candies and other mouth-watering Chinese sweets made from fruits, has been around for more than 30 years. Kai Fat Tea means Tea Inspired House, might be small but it is one of the main tea suppliers to many restaurants and shops in Hong Kong and overseas. Have a taste of delicious candies and sweets offered by the shop on this tour. 

    Graham Street Market

    With more than a century’s history, Graham Street Market is a great place to experience life as a local. The sloped street is flanked by food stalls on either side, selling everything from fresh vegetables to live seafood. Along the market, you’ll also find traditional shops selling items that make for great souvenirs. For example, founded in 1917, the Kowloon Soy Company on Graham Street is renowned for its soy sauce made with traditional techniques. Stopping here we learn about the King Of Sauces. 

    Wonton Noodle Stop

    Located in Central this Wonton Noodle specialist is sure to satisfy. One of the oldest yet also most dynamic districts in the city, Central and Western District – encompassing the sloped streets and small alleys – encapsulates Hong Kong’s rich and diverse spirit. A place where century-old temples share the same streets as fashion-forward concept stores, or where authentic tea houses coexist with modern art galleries, this colourful neighbourhood is at once old and new while also being proudly local and unmistakably global.

    Mid Levels Escalator

    Experience Mid-Levels Escalator, the longest outdoor escalator in the world. It is 800 meters in distance and elevates 135 meters up to the hilly areas that end in Conduit Road.

    Hong Kong Milk Tea Stop

    Located next to the escalator is a modest-looking but renowned milk tea place. The secret to the signature milk tea has been straining the brew through a pair of pantyhose for an extra smooth taste!

    Tram / Ding Ding Ride

    Board and enjoy the ride of Hong Kong's electric tram system. It is one of the oldest public transports in the city, first operated in 1904 under British rule and it owns the world's largest operational double-decker tram fleet. The system, being very affordable, is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways of travelling in the city. Learn about notable buildings that you pass by. 

    Char Sui (BBQ Pork) Stop

    Here our food tour stops at another family-run, Michelin Guide recommended restaurant, which dates back to the pre-20th century Qing Dynasty and is renowned for its Char Siu Fan (roast BBQ pork rice). It is a must-stop for everyone who claimed themselves as foodies. Try the Char Siu Fan, the pork is just the right amount of meat, fat and sauce, the contents of which they keep a closely guarded secret. This is the late Anthony Bourdain's favourite. You will leave with a smile and a happy belly. 

    Egg Tart Stop

    Our last stop on the food tour is at a well-established bakery, a personal favorite of a former Hong Kong governor. Get your hands on some of the famous Egg Tart, or Dan Tat in Cantonese, a Chinese version of an English pastry — the custard tart. 

  4. What's Included

    Professional guide

    Dim Sum / Yum Cha Experience

    Wonton Noodle Soup

    Hong Kong Milk Tea

    Char Siu (BBQ Pork)

    Egg Tart

    Traditional dried fruits

    Ding Ding (Tram) ride

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  6. FAQs

    Please Note:

    • This tour is not suitable for vegetarians or people with seafood allergies.  

     • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended

  7. Requirements

    Bring your appetite! This is a food tour and over the course of the tour we will eat quite a lot of food. Please do not eat breakfast before you come. Don’t forget your camera, we will be walking through some of the most interesting parts of Hong Kong and there will be lots to take pictures of.

  8. Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 48 hours or less before event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 50% if booking is cancelled 7 days or less before event

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