Tuscan Wine, Food and Olive Oil Tasting

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Tuscan Wine, Food and Olive Oil Tasting

Durations: 2 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Taste the very best in Tuscan food and drink with our Florence food experiences.

From £ 32.96 per person

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  2. Tour Overview

    Join us on a sensory journey through which you will experience the colors and flavors of the Tuscan countryside through the sight, smell, taste, and touch of her wines.

    Discover the magical process that converts grapes into wine. Explore the characteristics that the wine takes directly from its climate and location. Taste the influence that the winemaker has on the final product through his or her choices during the production process.

    The wine tasting will be accompanied by a fabulous charcuterie board featuring some of Tuscany’s most noteworthy and unique products. Our products come from local producers. The concept of our restaurant is farm to table. We have personally met the producer, visited their farm, and tasted their products before bringing them to you in Florence.

    We invite you to get to know Florence through its food and wine. Our culinary traditions are just as important to our culture and identity as the masterpieces of art and architecture in our beautiful city.

  3. What's Included

    Tasting of five wines from different areas of Tuscany
    Taste two of Chianti’s best extra virgin olive oils
    Explanations of each wine, their origin and characteristics
    Charcuterie board featuring unique local produce; cold cuts, cheeses, honey, bruschetta, and more

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    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24 hours or less before event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 0% if booking is cancelled 1000 days or less before event

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