Florence "Locals" Food Tour in Santo Spirito

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Delicious Florence: Evening Food Tour with Wine Tasting & Florentine Steak

Durations: 3 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Enjoy authentic Italian food and drink on this three hour Florence food tour, learning all about the local culture.

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  1. Meeting Point
  2. Tour Overview

    Do you want the best type of steak on Earth? Are you interested in bottles of wine that are centuries old? Do you want to hang out with our super friendly foodie guide as they bring you to some of Florence’s best shops and restaurants? If you answered yes, this is the perfect way to spend an evening in Florence. ( Vegetarian and Vegan options are available) This 3 hour Florence food tour includes:

    • A Super Memorable Experience
    • Four tasting stops and plenty of Tuscan wine
    • A sit-down traditional dinner with Florentine steak and pasta
    • A Friendly and Local English-speaking Foodie Guide
    • A Maximum Group Size of 10 People

    Piazza Della Signoria

    Your food tour in Florence starts in Piazza Della Signoria, Florence's outdoor art gallery. Meet your food-loving tour guide and get a brief introduction to this important piazza that has been the center of political life in Florence since the 14th century.

    Traditional Florentine Food and Wine

    On your first foodie stop of the night, try out some aperitivo favorites. From the piazza, you'll walk to a street lined by Panino shops, specializing in delicious local meats and cheeses. At an authentic local spot, try out some Tuscan cuisine such as bruschetta al Pomodoro, ribollita, prosciutto, salame, and more.  Wash it all down with some delicious wine and continue on your foodie journey.

    Ponte Vecchio Bridge

    Ponte Vecchio means “old bridge” in Italian. Shops have lined the famed Ponte Vecchio since the 13th century. Originally, there were many types of shops, including fishmongers, butchers, and tanners. These shops caused such a great stench in the area, that in 1593 Ferdinand I proclaimed that only jewelers were allowed to set up shop on the bridge. Don’t worry, great food is still to be found in the areas around the bridge.

    An Enoteca older than the Renaissance

    Run by the same family for decades, we will visit a wine shop with so much history that is said to date back to the 13th century. As you walk down into the cantina you will see what look to be windows. In fact, these are windows from when the city sat many feet lower than the streets today. You will taste amazing wines paired with incredible olive oil and truffles all produced by the family. It is an absolute gem that has thrived for centuries in Florence.

    Pasta and Florentine Steak Dinner

    Sit down in a historical tavern and enjoy an outstanding evening meal starting with the traditional Tuscan pasta, Spaghetti alla carrettiera. For the star of dinner, next, you’ll taste the local delicacy bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine Steak). Florence is famous around the world for this delightfully savory and rare meat that many will swear is the best steak period. While it might seem undercooked, Florentine steak is cooked to perfection. The quality of the cut of meat is unmatched, delicious, and will melt in your mouth.

    Wine for Dessert? Yes, please!

    As much as we love gelato, on this tour, we will bring you to the dessert that Florentines eat. You will get to try cantucci and vin santo from our favorite place in the city. Cantucci are what in America they’d call biscotti. In Italian, the word biscotti simply means “cookies”. These cantucci are so good on their own, but rise to an immaculate level when dipped in vin santo or “holy wine”. These cookies made by a wonderful nonna who has been baking them for 60 years are the ultimate way to end our evening together in Florence.

  3. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Traditional Florentine Food and Wine

    Many of Italy's delicacies originate from the food eaten by "plebs" back in the day. Developed as a way to maximize food waste and use every part of an animal, this working-class style of cooking is responsible for the popularity of the lampredotto, or tripe, sandwich. Although the popular street food sandwich started out as the only thing poor people could afford, the tradition is still alive and well in modern Florence. Alongside the lampredotto, sample some pappa al pomodoro, followed by a selection of local cured meats and the first of many delicious glasses of wine.

    Tuscan Wine Tasting and Truffles

    Florence is in Tuscany, one of the best wine-producing regions in the world. At your next stop, an outstanding wine bar, taste two different types of fine Tuscan Wine. Plus, taste some truffle and crostini in the heart of Florence. Remember, ask your guide if you have any questions or would like any advice on recipes.

    Old Style Italian Bakery

    Right around the corner you'll find a family-run bakery where you get to sample cantucci, the biscuits of Prato. After tasting both the almond and chocolate cantucci, bring home a bag for later.

    Pasta and Florentine Steak*

    A food tour in Florence without pasta or steak? No way! Sit down in a historical tavern, to an outstanding evening meal starting with pasta. Next, witness a cooking demonstration of the famous bistecca alla Fiorentina (Florentine steak). Tuscan cuisine has plenty of delicious and famous dishes, but if you must choose only one of them, this is the one to get. This stunning Restaurant not only serves up great food, but it's filled with Renaissance culture and curiosities. *If only three (or less) people end up on your food tour, we may end up serving tagliata instead of Florentina steak. Tagliata is a juicey and thick cut of beef that's simple and delicious.

  4. What's Included

    Five tasting stops and plenty of Tuscan vino
    A sit-down traditional dinner with Florentine steak
    A friendly and local English-speaking foodie guide
    A maximum group size of 14 people
    Walking tour of Florence
    Alcoholic Beverages

  5. What's Excluded

    Hotel pickup
    Hotel drop-off

  6. FAQs

    Please Note:

    • Not wheelchair accessible
    • Please contact us if you have any specific requests or a possible intolerance.
    • Stops on this tour are subject to change due to seasonal/holiday venue closures.
    • • If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please contact us immediately to let us know. We work with our local vendors to plan menus ahead of time so having this information before your tour is important. Please note that there are some occasions where certain allergies cannot be accommodated. • If alcohol is not your thing, not a problem! Please let us know in advance so we can prepare alternative beverages for you. • On this tour we try to follow a standard itinerary, however, due to rare unannounced closures or holidays, we may need to use substitute establishments. • Should you be coming to Florence by car, we suggest you park in one of the parking garages near the main train station (Santa Maria Novella) as you will not be able to access the city center with your vehicle. Please plan ahead in order to arrive at the meeting point in time for your tour. • Please read our meeting point directions thoroughly in advance. It is the responsibility of all visitors to be at the meeting point 10 - 15 minutes before departure. Guests arriving after departure cannot be accommodated, & missed tours or tickets cannot be refunded. • Mandatory: Everyone is required to carry a copy of the identification page of their passports on all tours. A photo of the first page of your passport saved on your smartphone works as well. • The tours involve a fair amount of walking and sometimes stairs and uneven terrain; comfortable shoes are always recommended. • We regret that we are unable to accommodate guests with wheelchairs or any walking impairments that require special assistance on our group tours. We recommend booking private tours in these cases. We are also unable to accommodate strollers or baby carriages on our group tours. • TTG runs tours rain or shine and no refunds will be issued due to inclement weather. • We will do everything within our power to ensure timings and itineraries are respected, however, due to issues beyond our control, timings are subject to last minute changes on rare occasions.

  7. Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24 hours or less before event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 0% if booking is cancelled 1000 days or less before event

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