Dubai Bedouin Experience in Al Marmoom with Traditional Food

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Dubai Bedouin Experience in Al Marmoom with Traditional Food

Durations: 6 Hour(s)

Group Size

Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

Experience the Bedouin lifestyle on a six hours desert excursion in Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve with Camel Safari and Bedouin Village Visit.

From £ 98.77 per person

  1. Tour Overview

     Deserts constitute over 1/5th of Earth’s landmass and around 80% of the UAE’s land area. The environment of the desert is harsh for people, animals and plants. Despite such harsh conditions Emirati ancestors, the Bedouin Tribe were able to survive the desert with their simple lifestyle. They were on the always moving around and using the sun and stars for navigation. The scarce resources of harsh deserts forced them to rely on whatever they can find to survive the hot, dry weather. They treated the surroundings with respect and led a simple lifestyle. Since the resources were scarce, they made sure that whatever they have can be used for their advantage like the ghat trees were a source of much-needed shades, the woods, and deserts plants used to make homes. Get ready to Explore and Experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle in Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve with our Morning / Evening Safari experience. Camels were on among the reason for their survival in the Deserts, the ability of the animal to move around the sand dunes with ease made the transportation much more comfortable. Camel hide was used to make tents, footwear, and warm clothing. Camel Meat would be served as a delicacy and Camel milk would be used to make yogurt or butter. Falconry is another tradition that root back to the Bedouin Tribe, the falcons were trained and used for hunting animals and birds from their natural habitat. 

  2. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Dubai Bedouin Experience with Traditional Emirati food

    Live the desert way of life like the Bedouin tribe, the ancestors of Emirati people. Travel like them, learn to hunt like them with Falcons and Saluki dog, relive their life in traditional Bedouin Village, share breakfast and Dance like them. Meet our driver in your hotel and he will escort you to Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve in a 4x4 Jeep.

    Upon arrival meet the rest of the team and they will help you to tie a traditional headscarf known as Sheila/Ghutra. Follow the footsteps of the Bedouin tribe as you traverse the deserts in a 20 minutes desert safari on a traditional Camel Carawan.

    The conservation guide will help you in setting up a traditional carpet in the desert for the seating (Majilis) and Experience the traditional Falconry from a local where he demonstrates the hunting skills of his beloved Falcons and Saluki Dog. Continue safari to an oasis and receive a Bedouin welcome at in authentic Bedouin village.

    Explore the lifestyle, the day to day activities and culture of the tribe, everything is recreated in this Bedouin village so that people can relive the good old desert days of Bedouin Tribe. In the Village you will get to see the traditional Bedouin tent made from Camel hide, Goat leather, etc, resorted well showcases their ability to survive the desert where the water is scarce. The cooking station, Farm animals and area dedicated to camels all of these takes you back to Bedouin Era of UAE. You will also get an opportunity to learn about the Bedouin handicrafts and learn how the used to make honey and cheese. Watch a live session of Arabic Coffee making and make your mix with the choices of your spices.

    Watch the live cooking session of an authentic Bedouin food, and share the food like them. Your healthy food includes Balaleet – a sweet noodle-like dish with cardamom, saffron & eggs and The favorite Emirati Desert Luqaimat- served with dates syrup and Chabab Bread served with dates syrup along with fresh-cut fruits and Also includes Arabian Coffee and Tea, Camel milk and Mixed Berries Juice.

    Spend some quality time with locals and hear the stories of their ancestors which passed down through generations and take part in a traditional performance. You short fairy tale expedition of the desert way life will come to end and we will drop you back in your hotel.

  3. What's Included

    Pick up and drop off from Dubai hotels in 4x4s Vehicle

    Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve visit

    • Complimentary water bottle and Sheila/Ghutra (traditional headscarf).
    • Embark on a traditional camel caravan across the sand dunes (20 minutes).
    • Setup traditional carpets in the desert
    • Bedouin falcon show with Saluki dogs.
    • Visit Authentic Bedouin village at a desert oasis.
    • Explore the traditional village with Bedouin tents, restored well, cooking stations, farm animals, an area for the camels, and learn about Bedouin life.
    • Learn about Bedouin handicrafts and other local products like honey and cheese.
    • Watch an Arabic coffee and tea making demonstration and make your own concoction with spices.
    • Watch the preparation of a typical Bedouin breakfast / BBQ dinner at live cooking stations and enjoy a series of local dishes.
    • Interactive session with locals and watch /Join the traditional performance

  4. What's Excluded

    •  Tips and Personal Expenses 

  5. FAQs

    Please Note:

    • Camel Ride will be based on 02 people on one camel.
    • Morning Experience available between 01 Oct - 15 May.
    • Morning Experience only 5 hours
    • Not recommended for pregnant women and people with a back problem.
    • Children over 5 years old and under 12 years old will be accepted at the child rate.
    • Not recommended for children under 05 years due to the long Camel Ride

  6. Requirements

    • Comfortable walking shoes.
    • Appropriate clothing according to weather conditions.
    • Money for personal expenses.
    • Anything that might be useful to you.

  7. Cancellation Policy

    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 100% if booking is cancelled 24 hours or less before event
    • We will charge a cancellation fee of 0% if booking is cancelled 1000 days or less before event

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