A guided tour of the Palmenti di Pietranico

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Guided tour of the Palmenti of Pietranico

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The tour of the Palmenti di Pietranico with wine tasting and typical products.

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    The tour of the Palmenti di Pietranico is a circuit created for the visit of ancient basins huge outcropping rocks scattered throughout the territory which, worked with extreme skill, were used as tanks to vinify the grapes directly on the fields. So the farmers brought home only the must, leaving the waste of processing directly in the countryside, avoiding the effort of transporting material that would not have produced wine to the farms and thus fertilizing the same fields. The millstones are one of the best testimonials to understand the very refined level reached by local artisans and the enormous size that the production of fine wines had reached in the area. In the Municipality of Pietranico there is the greatest concentration of millstones dug in the rock present in Abruzzo, located on the west-facing slope dominated by the town.

    This itinerary is a circuit created for visiting these ancient pools. The tour starts from the village in via Umberto I where the Caprera Bath is currently preserved, recovered after someone had removed it from its original location. On Via Settentrionale, turn right on a downhill asphalt road, at km 0.58 you can visit thetub Mattucci entering a private road (50m). Continuing downhill on asphalt you arrive at a crossroads where you can admire a water collection tank, always carved out of stone (km 0.88). To continue the tour you need to turn right, but first go straight for 100m to visit the Bath Villa Odoardi. On a large and convenient breach you reach km 1.96 where at the crossroads you go right for a 250 m long natural-bottom track that leads to a still uncensored basin; go back along the same track until the breach, turn right and you will arrive at the Tub De Vito (km 2.65). At km 3 you reach the lowest point of the itinerary, abandon the breach and turn left on a track that goes uphill towards the village accompanied by two rows of oaks. At km 3.65, a small 100m hike takes place to the right to visit the Grandonio Bath. Going uphill again, at km 4 you cross an asphalted road and take another short 200m hike to the right to the Marzio Bath located very close to a house and not clearly visible. Return to the crossroads and turn right on a grassy track that leads back to Pietranico in the direction of the maximum slope.

    Tasting of wine and typical products

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