Food and Wine Tour of San Vito Chietino.

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Food and Wine Tour of San Vito Chietino.

Durations: 10 Hour(s)

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Group Size: 1+


Languages: English

A fantastic food and wine tour accompanied by a local taste guide. You will get to know Marina di Vito Chietino, one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa dei Trabocchi in Abruzzo and you will have three different food and wine experiences from each!

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  1. Meeting Point
  2. Tour Overview

    Meeting Point: Vini Olivastri Tommaso Winery San Vito Chietino (CH) 

    You will start by visiting the vineyards and the Vini Olivastri winery and tasting its wines; you will live a truly unique experience: have lunch on a traditional Trabocco, an ancient fishing machine typical of the Abruzzo coast from which it takes its name Costa dei Trabocchi. Finally, you will walk among the olive groves and visit the Giocondo oil mill where you will learn about extra virgin olive oil and taste it accompanied by homemade bread, cold cuts and cheeses.

  3. Tour Itinerary

    Day 1 : Visit and tasting of Abruzzo wines at Vini Olivastri Tommaso winery

    Visiting the winery we will go through ours and discover the fundamental choices of the production philosophy, visiting the adjacent vineyards (unless unfavorable weather conditions) and the main premises of the structure, finally tasting a selection of wines accompanied by a selection of typical local products.

    • stroll through the vineyards to discover viticulture
    • guided tour of the winery with its production processes
    • wine tasting accompanied by typical local products inside the wine cellar

     The Cantina Olivastri Tommaso was born in 2000 as a result of the great passion of Tommaso, a tireless and passionate third generation winemaker.Our production cellar and our vineyards, nestled between the sea and the Majella mountain, are located in the municipality of San Vito Chietino, a small fishing village in the heart of the Costa dei Trabocchi naturally suited to quality viticulture.Through our work, we try every year to obtain faithful wines that are the custodians of the essence of our territory and the identity of the individual vines. We exclusively cultivate the ancient native varieties of Abruzzo: Trebbiano, Pecorino, Passerina, Cococciola and Montepulciano. The management of our vineyards follows the dictates of ancient experiences in methods and times, handed down through the generations of our family now in its fourth generation. The harvest and all phases of work on our vines are strictly manual. 

    Olive oil tasting in Frantoio Giocondo

    In 1936 in San Vito Chietino GIOCONDO de SANTIS began the milling activity driven by the strong vocation for olive growing of the Abruzzo coast.The current reality sees us combine the care of olive groves, the management of the transformation of olives into oil and a lot of experience; thus we are able to enhance the different characteristics of the olives that grow on our coast with craftsmanship, 

    Olive oil tasting to discover the fascinating world of Abruzzo extra virgin olive oil.

    We will welcome you to the oil mill for a tour in the olive grove where you will learn about the different cultivars and their characteristics.

    We will discover the history and curiosities about extra virgin olive oil with a guided visit to the oil mill, before reaching our tasting room where you will join the tasting of olive oil. We will taste 4 types of extra virgin olive oil and learn about defects, perfumes and the right food combinations.We will also understand how to correctly read a label to choose extra virgin olive oil in a shop and how to store olive oil. 

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