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San Sebastian: Tortilla Cooking Class

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Group 1+

San Sebastian: Tortilla Cooking Class

What you'll do

Explore the realm of Spanish gastronomy with our Tortilla cooking class, where the versatile potato shines in a delightful array of flavours and textures. Learn the intricacies of crafting the ideal tortilla as our expert instructors walk you through the process of preparing three delectable variations: the timeless tortilla Española, a savoury cod omelette influenced by Basque culinary heritage, and an innovative spin on this beloved dish.

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  • Perfecting the Texture: Our skilled instructors will reveal the secrets behind achieving the ideal balance of crispy outer layer and creamy interior in your tortillas, ensuring they reach culinary excellence

  • Customised Creations: Whether you're a fan of onions or prefer them without, we'll demonstrate how to tailor each tortilla to match your taste preferences, ensuring a personalised culinary experience

  • Hands-On Practice: Throughout the class, you'll have the chance to apply your newfound knowledge by preparing and cooking various types of tortillas. From mastering the art of flipping to understanding optimal cooking times, you'll gain practical experience and valuable insights into crafting flawless tortillas

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    Start Time: 3 PM
  • 2
    Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
  • 3
    Group Size: 2 to 16 Guests
  • 4
    Meeting Point:  C. Corta, 3 – Bajo, 20001
  • 5
    Step into the world of Spanish cuisine with our Tortilla cooking class. Learn the art of crafting the perfect tortilla as we guide you through creating three tantalising variations: the classic tortilla española, a savoury cod omelette inspired by Basque tradition, and a unique twist on this beloved dish
  • 6
    Under the expert guidance of our instructors, discover the secrets to achieving the quintessential combination of crispy exterior and creamy interior in your tortillas
  • 7
    Throughout the class, put your newfound skills to the test as you prepare and cook each variation of tortilla. Master the delicate art of flipping and learn the optimal cooking times, gaining invaluable insights into the techniques needed to nail the perfect tortilla every time
  • 8
    As the aroma of sizzling potatoes fills the air, indulge in the irresistible flavours of your freshly made tortillas, celebrating your culinary achievements
  • 9
    End Time: 4.30 PM

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What's Included

  • Professional Chef Guidance: Receive expert guidance from a professional chef throughout the cooking class

  • Hands-on Cooking Class with Ingredients and Equipment Provided: Engage in a hands-on cooking class where all ingredients and equipment are provided for you

  • Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labour: Sit down to enjoy the delicious dishes you've prepared, paired with local drinks to enhance the dining experience

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What's not included

  • Gratuities and tips 

  • Hotel Pick up and Drop off

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Meeting Points

  • C. Corta, 3 – Low, 20001 Donostia-San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa

  • Please arrive at the venue 10-15 minutes ahead of your start time

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Important Information

  • The class runs rain or shine

  • Under 18? You can't consume alcohol, but delightful non-alcoholic options are available

  • Special dietary requirements or allergies? Let us know when booking

  • The class will commence promptly at 3 pm. All participants must arrive on time, as we are unable to accommodate late arrivals. Please be aware that refunds will not be possible in such instances


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