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Motta Cemestra: Body Rafting at the Alcantara Gorges and Cooking Class with the Mamas del Borgo

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Group 1+

Motta Cemestra: Body Rafting at the Alcantara Gorges and Cooking Class with the Mamas del Borgo

What you'll do

Get ready for an amazing sensory adventure! Explore the stunning wonders of Sicily through an exhilarating body rafting expedition. Then, indulge in a delectable culinary experience in Motta Camastra, located near the breathtaking Alcantara Valley. Join us for an unforgettable journey packed with excitement, beauty, and deliciousness!  #Sicily #BodyRafting #CulinaryExperience #AlcantaraValley

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Delight in the awe inspiring panoramas of the canyon gorges, where cascading waterfalls and spirited rapids collide with majestic rock walls. A singular epicurean journey awaits as you indulge in the gastronomic delights curated by the Mamas del Borgo, where enticing aromas mingle with vibrantly hued local ingredients, infusing every bite with unparalleled freshness. Prepare to be imbued with overwhelming emotions, a surge of adrenaline, boundless joy, and boundless gratitude for the enchantment of Sicily that envelops your senses, leaving an indelible impression.

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    Embark on an enchanting exploration through majestic canyon gorges adorned with cascading waterfalls, rushing rapids, and awe-inspiring rock walls. No prior experience is required, only an unwavering spirit of adventure! Feel the refreshing embrace of cool water against your skin, while the adrenaline fuels the quickening rhythm of your heartbeat.
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    After your exhilarating body rafting escapade, you will gracefully transition,  accompanied by your vehicle, to the elegant dwellings of the Borgo Mamas. Indulge in the irresistible symphony of scents, meticulously orchestrated to evoke aromatic well-being. Each vibrant hue of locally sourced ingredients will fill you with boundless joy, as you relish the moment with every delectable bite that tantalises your senses.
  • 3
    Allow the secrets of ancient recipes to be unveiled to you, as you engage in heartfelt conversations and blissful laughter with the revered Mamas. The overwhelming emotion of joy and gratitude will envelop you, as you savour the unforgettable flavours of Sicily.
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    Immerse yourself in the captivating magic of this extraordinary place, as you are transported on a journey filled with exhilaration, wonder, and an abundance of appreciation. Join us for an indelible experience that will etch precious memories in your heart!
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    Important statements:
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    The awe-inspiring body rafting experience unfolds over a delightful two-hour duration (depending on the abilities of the participants). Our expert body rafting guide is fluent in the English language, ensuring seamless communication. However, please note that the Borgo Moms, while unable to converse fluently in English, offer invaluable insights and provide general information, presented in basic English, about the exquisitely prepared cuisine.
  • 7
    Please ensure to bring a swimsuit and a beach towel for our upcoming aquatic excursion.
  • 8
    In order to engage in the exhilarating activity of body rafting, it is required that children attain a minimum height of 1.50 metres, while adults should not surpass the age of 55 years.
  • 9
    Body rafting is not recommended for individuals who have undergone recent surgical procedures or experienced trauma to the upper or lower extremities.
  • 10
    Kindly provide us with any dietary intolerances or allergies when making your reservations. Our esteemed guests may request a delectable vegetarian menu to suit their preferences.

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What's not included

Although not compulsory, our team of tour guides would deeply appreciate gratuities and tips as a display of gratitude for the exceptional service they provide.

Pick up and drop off at your hotel is not included as we meet at a fixed location Alcantara Valley Farmhouse, located 750 metres after the Alcantara Gorges at 10 am.

Sadly, we have to notify you that our tour is not suitable or accessible to wheelchair users, pregnant travellers, or strollers due to the challenging terrain at the venues we visit.

Regrettably, we must inform you that our tour is not recommended for individuals with heart conditions or bad back as the venues we visit present challenging terrains. We do not wish to risk the safety and well-being of our guests and suggest alternate activities for those who unfortunately cannot join us.

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Meeting Points

Meeting point Alcantara Valley Farmhouse, located 750 metres after the Alcantara Gorges at 10 am.

Kindly ensure you are punctual and reach the meeting point/pick up point 10-15 minutes prior to the departure time.

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  • No matter what the weather, our tour runs rain or shine

  • The experience includes food and  drink  as outlined in the itinerary

  • Additional orders placed during the experience must be paid for by the individual who orders them. If unsure, the tour guide will be happy to assist

  • Equipment: helmet, wetsuit, shoes and buoyancy aid vest will be provided for this experience

  • If you're under the age of 18, unfortunately, you cannot consume alcohol

  • Your tour will be conducted in English for the body rafting

  • The tour lasts approximately 4 hours starting at 10 am

  • We take pride in offering a collection of mouth-watering delicacies catering to diverse palates. If you have special dietary requirements or allergies please let us know while booking

  • Due to the risk of gluten cross-contamination, the tastings on this tour are not recommended for those with gluten intolerance

  • Kindly note that customers are required to carry a valid identification document with them at all times

  • For the safety and protection of minors, it's required that they be accompanied by an adult at all times

  • Your tour will be led by an expert guide, who is local and has a passion for sharing extensive knowledge about Italian food and wine, history, and culture

Enquiries and Bookings

Please note that selecting 'Confirm and Book' for this tour expresses your interest in booking, but this does not guarantee a reservation. The confirmation of your booking is subject to availability. Our team is always available and has access to real-time availability for this experience, contact us via live chat or email at [email protected] if you need support.


Motta Cemestra: Body Rafting at the Alcantara Gorges and Cooking Class with the Mamas del Borgo Image

Cancellation policy

A full refund will apply if you cancel more than 48 hours before the activity start time.

No refund is possible if you cancel less than 48 hours before the activity start time.

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