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Dubai: Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage

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Group 1+

Dubai: Middle Eastern Food Pilgrimage

What you'll do

Discover the best Middle Eastern cuisine on our signature Food Pilgrimage. Experience the authentic flavors of Palestinian falafels, Arabic Baklava, Traditional Iraqi dishes, and more! Book your spot on our food tour today. #MiddleEasternCuisine #FoodPilgrimage #ArabicFood #PalestinianFalafels #IraqiDishes.

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Joining a Food Tour in Dubai offers more than simply a culinary experience. It is a true adventure that takes you through a sensory journey of Middle Eastern cuisine. Immerse yourself in the diverse flavors and aromas that the traditional souks have to offer and indulge in Dubai's signature desserts.

After the tour, indulge in Dubai's renowned food scene, which boasts an array of exquisite, world-class restaurants serving the finest dishes and ingredients available anywhere.

With a plethora of vibrant markets and hidden gems, embark on a culinary journey tailored to your personal tastes, and relish a bespoke gastronomical encounter that promises to be unforgettable. Get ready to elevate your senses to new heights!

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  • 1
    Indulge in the delectable flavors of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, with classic dishes like Falafel and Hummus on the menu. Join an intimate culinary adventure that shall prompt the feeling of an elegantly hosted dinner party, hosting no more than 10 to 12 culturally savvy guests.
  • 2
    A knowledgeable and passionate resident guide shall accompany the guests, sharing stories of Middle Eastern cuisine, culture, and communities. Delight in visiting restaurants, where the staff shall embrace guests wholeheartedly, treating them like long-lost friends and family.
  • 3
    Fellow like-minded travelers, as well as welcoming locals, looking for an authentic experience beyond the usual touristy destinations, are sure to cross paths. Immerse yourself in the region's food traditions and experience the intricate art of brewing coffee. Visit rustic locales, where seasoned locals shop for Arabic cookies, baklava, and other gourmet souvenirs, worth savoring.
  • 4
    **Please note: Summer tours between May-Sept shall exclude one-stop, reducing the walking distance to make them more summer-friendly.
  • 5
    Meet & Greet Meet our friendly food tour guide steps away from the Al Rigga Metro station in Deira (on the Diva Gents Salon side of the road).
  • 6
    Corner Falafel Cafeteria Design your own falafel sandwich using delicious ‘stuffed’ falafels and all the trimmings: Hummus, Fried Eggplant/ Aubergine, Cauliflower, three kinds of sauces, and pickles.
  • 7
    Palestinian-Jordanian Restaurant Sample a Sweet Cheese Pastry made just for us, fresh off the fire. This decadent pie is topped with crunchy noodles and pistachios. (G/N/D)
  • 8
    Lebanese Baklava Shop
  • 9
    Experience the timeless customs of local Arabic coffee or ‘Gahwa’ with a Pressed Date Cookie and Pistachio ‘cookies and cream’. Mixed boxes of Baklava and Arabic cookies are also available for purchase. (G/N/D)
  • 10
    Syrian Restaurant Visit a popular Syrian eatery for a popular meaty snack and for our vegetarian guests, we’ll bring out freshly baked za’atar and cheese flatbreads. **Not featured from May to September.
  • 11
    Iraqi Restaurant Partake of ancient Iraqi culinary customs with a traditional wood-fired smoked Iraqi fish* (F) OR kebabs* (M). *Food selection varies based on group size.
  • 12
    Please note this description is an example of foods you might taste and will vary depending on the season, day of the week, and group size

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What's not included

We kindly advise against the tour for individuals with severe allergies to gluten, lactose, dairy, or nuts.

Although not compulsory, our team of tour guides would deeply appreciate gratuities and tips as a display of gratitude for the exceptional service they provide.

Pick up and drop off at your hotel is not included as we meet at a fixed location at Diva Gents Salon in Deira (not the Satwa branch!) It’s right outside Al Rigga Metro Exit #2, Al Rigga Road at 5.45 pm.

Please note the minimum age requirement for this tour is 14 years of age. All children must be accompanied by their legal guardian.

Sadly, we have to notify you that our tour is not suitable or accessible to wheelchair users or strollers due to the challenging terrain at the venues we visit.

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Meeting Points

Meeting point at Diva Gents Salon in Deira (not the Satwa branch!) It’s right outside Al Rigga Metro Exit #2, Al Rigga Road at 5.45 pm.

Kindly ensure you are punctual and reach the meeting point 10-15 minutes prior to the departure time. Please be on time, we can't wait for latecomers

Given the heavy traffic, limited parking, and different starting and ending locations, we strongly recommend that you take the metro rather than drive to the tour. If you plan to take a taxi, please budget extra time for traffic.

Nearby metro: Al Rigga.

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Fancy Something Special?

Private tours between May to September

Fixed Option: 

  • 2 guests     £539.89 
  • 3 guests     £539.89 
  • 4 guests     £539.89 
  • 5 guests     £539.89 
  • 6 guests     £566.76 
  • 7 guests     £661.26 
  • 8 guests     £775.91 
  • 9 guests     £850.37 
  • 10 guests   £944.88

Flexible Option: 

  • 2 guests     £557.89 
  • 3 guests     £566.89 
  • 4 guests     £575.89 
  • 5 guests     £584.62 
  • 6 guests     £620.82 
  • 7 guests     £724.29 
  • 8 guests     £827.76 
  • 9 guests     £931.24 
  • 10 guests   £1034.71

Throughout the summer season, which spans from May to September, we have shortened the tour by one stop, resulting in an approximately 25-30 minute decrease in duration.

Private tours between October to April

Fixed Option: 

  • 2 guests     £539.92 
  • 3 guests     £539.92 
  • 4 guests     £539.92 
  • 5 guests     £539.92 
  • 6 guests     £567.00 
  • 7 guests     £661.29
  • 8 guests    £756.60 
  • 9 guests     £851.15 
  • 10 guests   £945.25

Flexible Option:

  • 2 guests    £558.14 
  • 3 guests    £567.11 
  • 4 guests    £576.11 
  • 5 guests    £584.98 
  • 6 guests    £621.00 
  • 7 guests    £724.36 
  • 8 guests    £827.84 
  • 9 guests    £931.17 
  • 10 guests  £1034.63

We are absolutely thrilled to offer you this incredible experience! To book, simply fill out a quick enquiry form at checkout and our dedicated team will work with partners to ensure availability before finalizing your booking. Don't worry, we have real-time availability information and are always happy to offer assistance via live chat, Whatsapp, or phone at 01133280771. We got you covered!

Ticket Variations

We provide 3 categories of tickets for your selection.

  • The flex ticket for GROUPS can be either (a) rescheduled or (b) refunded, subtracting a modest cancellation fee of 35 AED per ticket, before an hour of the commencement of the tour. Alterations are not allowed an hour before the tour start

  • The flex option for PRIVATE TOURS may be either (a) rescheduled or (b) partially refunded (70% of the total price paid), anytime up to 24 hours before the tour commences. Within 24 hours of the tour start time, no changes are possible on a flex ticket.

Important Information

  • No matter what the weather, our tour runs rain or shine

  • The tour includes food & drinks as outlined in the itinerary

  • Additional orders placed during the tour must be paid for by the individual who orders them. If unsure, the tour guide will be happy to assist

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended as there is some walking involved during your tour

  • Your tour can be conducted in English

  • The tour lasts 3.5 hours starting at 5.45 pm

  • We take pride in offering a collection of mouth-watering delicacies catering to diverse palates. If you have special dietary requirements or allergies please let us know while booking

  • Your tour will be led by an expert guide, who is local and has a passion for sharing extensive knowledge about local food and wine, history, and culture

  • This tour accommodates smaller groups. If you require a booking for a larger group, please don't hesitate to Reach out to us, on our live chat, or [email protected] and we'll help create the perfect experience for you.

Enquiries and Bookings

Please note that selecting 'Confirm and Book' for this tour expresses your interest in booking, but this does not guarantee a reservation. The confirmation of your booking is subject to availability. Our team is always available and has access to real-time availability for this experience, contact us via live chat or email at [email protected] if you need support.


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