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Hardangerfjord, Voss Gondola & 4 Great Waterfalls

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Hardangerfjord, Voss Gondola & 4 Great Waterfalls

What you'll do

Experience the beautiful Hardangerfjord, 4 great waterfalls and Voss Gondol on this private day tour from Bergen. A breathtaking landscape of mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and blooming fruit gardens during the tour along Norway's second longest fjord. Travel through pretty villages such as Norheimsund, Øystese and Eidfjord, and admire panoramic views over the serene Hardangerfjord. At Fossli Hotel viewpoint there is also an amazing view to Måbødal valley and the Vøringsfoss waterfall which has a total fall of 182 meters (597 feet)  4 Waterfalls: Fossen Bratte, Steinsdalsfossen, Vøringsfossen, Skjervsfossen. At Voss we stop at the newest attraction, Voss Gondol, (opened in July 2019) that takes us from the town and up to the Mount Hanguren (820 masl) in less than 9 minutes. At the top you will have a panoramic view to many of the mountains surrounding the town of Voss. We will be served lunch in Hangurstoppen Restaurant when we arrive at the top.  Hiking at Hanguren Panorama - This round tour starts just outside the top station at Hangurstoppen. This is an easy walk that is suitable for all ages and levels, and you can even bring a stroller. The trail is around 800 meter and offers beautiful panoramic view of Voss’ mountains, lakes and part of the town centre. You'll also find a variety of activities here - in the summertime it is popular to go hiking, biking, paragliding or rappelling. In the winter the gondol takes you to the big ski resort, Voss Resort, where you can have fun in the snow all day.

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    Fossen Bratte, also called Brudesløret, Eikedalsfoss or Brattefossen is one of the big waterfalls near Bergen on the way between Bergen and Norheimsund in the region Hordaland. Although Steinsdalsfossen is the main attraction in the Bergen region with busloads of people, some people find Fossen Bratte maybe even more impressive. Fossen Bratte means steep waterfall and that is a statement: The river Eikedalselva thunders down in a single drop over 79 meters.
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    Steinsdalsfossen is a waterfall in the municipality of Kvam in Vestland county. The waterfall is one of the most visited tourist sites in Norway. From the parking lot, the path goes along the waterfall, up a hill, and behind it where visitors can walk dryshod "into" the rumbling water. Steinsdalsfossen is 46 metres (151 ft) high, with a main drop of 20 metres (66 ft), and has the greatest volume when the snow melts in May and June. Steinsdalsfossen is part of the Fosselva river that comes from the water of the lake Myklavatnet located 814 metres (2,671 ft) above sea level in the mountains above the waterfall. The Emperor Wilhelm ll of Germany visited Steinsdalsfossen nearly every summer from 1889 until the start of World War l in 1914. The waterfall was formed in 1699 when the river found a new race.

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    The Hardangerfjord is the fourth longest fjord in the world, and the second longest in Norway. It is located in Hordaland county in the Hardanger region. The fjord stretches 179 kilometres (111 mi) from the Atlantic Ocean into the mountainous interior of Norway along the Hardangervidda plateau.

    About 8,000 BC, the Scandinavian land mass started to rise up as enormous glacial ice started to melt. The lower parts of the valleys became flooded, and so created what we today know as the Hardangerfjord. The valley was originally not only made through glacial erosion but by the high pressure melting water which pushed its way beneath the ice.

    The history of the fjord goes far beyond its Viking history, back to the time of hunters on the surrounding mountains, and later on, farming along this fertile area which today is considered the "fruit orchard of Norway". Later the fjord became the birthplace for a large tourism influx to Norway, and in 1875 Thomas Cook started weekly cruise departures from London to the Hardangerfjord, due to its spectacular nature, glaciers, and grand waterfalls. Soon after this many of the major waterfalls became the power source for large industries in fjord settlements such as the town of Odda.

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    Hardanger bridge is a suspension bridge across the Eidfjorden branch of Hardangerfjorden in Hordaland county, The bridge connects the municipalities of Ullensvang and Ulvik. It replaced a ferry connection between Bruravik and Brimnes, and thereby shortens the driving time between Oslo and Bergen. It is the longest suspension bridge in Norway. The bridge is 1,380 metres (4,530 ft) long, with a main span of 1,310 metres (4,300 ft). The maximum deck height is 55 metres (180 ft) and the towers reach 200 metres (660 ft) above sea level. The main span is one of the longest suspension bridge span in the world. It is also the longest tunnel to tunnel suspension bridge in the world. On the south end of the bridge, cars immediately enter the 1.2-kilometre (0.75 mi) Bu Tunnel that goes under the village of Bu, while on the north side of the bridge, cars immediately enter the 7.5-kilometre (4.7 mi) Vallavik tunnel which includes a 500-metre (1,600 ft) long segment to a rondabout inside the tunnel. At the roundabout, cars can take another 500-metre (1,600 ft) long tunnel that leads to Ulvik or they can take a 7-kilometre (4.3 mi) long tunnel to Granvin.

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    Vøringsfossen waterfall lies at the top of Måbødalen valley in the municipality of Eidfjord. It has a total drop of 182 meters (597 ft), and a major drop of 163 meters (534 ft). It is perhaps the most famous waterfall in the Norway and a major tourist attraction on the way down from Hardangervidda to Hardangerfjord. The waterfall was hardly known by anyone other than locals until 1821. In that year professor Christopher Hansteen, who was on his way to Hardangervidda to make astronomical observations, estimated the height of the waterfall to be about 280 meters by throwing stones down from the edge and measuring the time they took to fall with his pocket watch. In 1893 it was measured with a string, and the real height was revealed to be 163 meters. 

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    On the road between Granvin and Voss lies Skjervsfossen with its twin falls plunging out from a height of 150 metres. Skjervsfossen offers a carefully organised network of paths, stairs, viewpoints, rest areas, picnic areas and parking facilities. The experience of the waterfall will differ depending on your location along the waterfall, the weather, seasons and water flow. At the foot of the waterwall, you can experience the Shower; a beautiful scenic area in which you feel the immense power of the waterfall surging through your body. As the name implies, you may get soaking wet if there has been heavy rainfall.

  • 7

    The new Voss Gondol, opened in July 2019, takes you from the train station in Voss and to Mount Hanguren (820 masl) in under nine minutes. This is the largest and most modern mountain gondol in Northern Europe. At the top station you will have a panoramic view to many of the mountains surrounding the town of Voss. You'll also find a variety of activities here - in the summertime you can go hiking, biking, padagliding or rappelling. In the winter the gondol takes you to the big ski resort Voss Resort, where you can have fun in the snow all day. 

    Capacity: 1069 pers/hour

    Number of cabins: 9

    Capacity per cabin: 34 pers.

    Height difference : 763 meters

    Top station: Hangurstoppen/Mount Hanguren (820 masl)

    Length: 2020 metres (6627 ft)

    Travel time: 8 min 48 sec

    Type of gondol: Leitner Ropeways 3S  

  • 8

    Lunch at Hangurstoppen Restaurant - At the top station of Voss Gondol you'll find Hangurstoppen Restaurant. The restaurant has room for 450 people and serves cold and warm dishes made from local ingredients. Here we will be served a lunch meny, special made for us.

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What's Included

Pick-up in Bergen

Private vehicle, Bergen - Vøringsfoss waterfall - Bergen

Local English speaking driver/guide

Voss Gondol

Lunch at Mount Hanguren

Drop-off in Bergen

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Dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes


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Cancellation policy

A full refund will apply if you cancel more than 24 hours before the activity start time.

No refund is possible if you cancel less than 24 hours before the activity start time.

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