Food Experiences

Going beyond the traditional food and drink tours, food experiences are an opportunity for foodies to discover the real cuisine of their chosen destination. Whether that’s a romantic fine-dining experience at a Michelin Starred restaurant or a home-cooked meal with a local host.


Picnic Experience Pack 1

Enjoy a picnic in one of Madrid's best parks, guided by your local guide.  Snack on traditional food, enjoy cool drinks with the company of your friends!


Organic Olive Oil tasting and learning

There will be the welcome coffee to all of our guests
Than if it sunny we are outside at the shade of an old Bangsia rose, and we will show you different kind of oil and t...

Olive oil tasting in Abruzzo.

Tour of the olive grove you will learn the different cultivars and their characteristics and tasting in the oil mill


Flamenco and Flavours Tour

Sample some of Madrid's most exciting food and drink churros with chocolate and madroño liqueur in a chocolate glass.   Enjoy a pub crawl and a professional fla...